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>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"About Us"
Lemon Tea and Cookies is a idea born between two of the most unlikely friends. The duo wanted to share their thoughts and opinions with the world thus creating this blog. Typically we talk about college life, social issues, artsy fartsy things- any subject is usually fair game. We're interested in reporting what the average young adult thinks about these days. In short, we're just two college kids writing for the sake of writing.

Meet the Boys
Ben "Cookie" Cook- Only three words can describe this man. Luscious. Mouthwatering. Spicy. Sweet. Savory. A true romantic at heart, this winsome former wrestler really knows how to pin a lady.

Tim "Lemon Tea" Lee- This international man of mystery and bachelor enjoys long walks on the beach, watching sunsets, and swimming with sea turtles.

The Crew
David “Pigpen/Pancake” Pan is an incoming sophomore at Knox College in IL. A self-described postmodernist with a logical and brutally analytical personality, his life-long hobbies include writing, philosophizing, and improving his writing style to become a more self-aware writer.

However, when he is away from the keyboard, he is a DIEHEART Chicago White Sox and SF Giants Fan, passionately rooting for both teams to record a win with the final pitch in the final out.

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