Math is Self Understanding

>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One of my professors quoted this: pre-calculus is a self-understanding study. Four exams, countless assignments , and many weeks later I still have no clue what this philosophical mumbo jumbo is supposed to mean. Maybe he said it just to wake people up or get their attention. Or perhaps it was actually supposed to have some relative meaning on the subject, who knows. As I flip through my notes and test papers I ponder about this random adage I happen to write down during the semester. At the same time I dread the final that I have yet to take for the class...

The symbolism in this reference raises a few thoughts about life. You see, after thinking about it, life is like a complex multi-step math problem. Often times we'll skip over the easy steps we already know. We feel as if we already know it, so why bother writing it out? We skip parts because we think our understanding perceives us. The same goes for friendships, relationships, our religion, etc. Why should I get that loyal friend a present when we already hangout everyday? Why should I say, "I love you" when they already know we do? Why should I bother to pray, doesn't God already know what I am thinking?

In the words of my professor, "It's the baby steps that determine whether you get the question right or wrong". Writing what you already know makes all the difference in the result. The result being the solution or a mistake. It's worth the time even if it seems unnecessary to get a present showing you appreciate that friendship. Or the fact that just because he or she knows you love them doesn't mean it hurts to say it. Why would you ignore the creator of everything, some people would die for that freedom. (The last one is a bit of a tangent but whatever)

So my dear friends take the time to make the baby steps. It might just get you that passing grade you're hoping for.


Cartoons No More

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A holiday classic movie for me has always been Charlie Brown's Christmas. I'll admit that I am not always in the mood for it, but it sure can bring back some memories. Not to mention it has one of the best Christmas scenes of all time. They sure don't make cartoons like that anymore, which is rather scary if you think about it. This brings me to my next point: What on earth do kids watch on TV nowadays? There are all these random no name shows with ridiculous ideas. I sometimes wonder how on earth they get on TV in the first place. [Like what on earth is this show?] I watched an episode of this and I was so confused and a little terrified. What ever happened to the days of innocent cartoons? What happened to care bears and smurfs? It frightens me to know young children watch things like this:

[sorry to all you SpongeBob fans out there, I never understood the humor behind him...or it.]


Let's Do Laundry!

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

I stole this title from one of those cheesy signs in the laundry room. Being away from home and living the college life has taught me many things. It's changed my perspective of people and the justification of certain actions. A lot of this change can be seen in my many adventures of washing my own clothes.

#1 Society is like a broken dryer that gives you double the time for one payment. When people see an opportunity to break the system they generally take it. People enjoy sticking it to the man; it’s a shame that honesty is not praised in our society.

#2 People in the real world have the same manners as when they do laundry. A person's characteristics and true colors are shown in the image of washers. Jerks that hate waiting for a person to come back will empty a machine by throwing the contents on top. They disregard the fact that the clothes don't belong to them. Thus the washer reveals all.

#3 Laundry is a choice. Just like many other things in life, no one is going to force you to wash your undies. If you are so compelled, you can gamble a little and stretch the "clean span" of your clothes. Or if you dare, not wash anything at all. (Good luck with option two; it’s the fun one)

#4 Interpretation is creation. I've used this phrase before but this time it’s in a different context. Everyone has their own opinions and perspectives about many different subjects and topics. Such as religion, politics, or portion control with detergent. No one can tell you to think different, even when the bottle is clearly labeled for the second line on the cap.

#5 The wash and dry cycle are a lot like someone's life cycle. There's an objective in mind whether to get that ketchup stain out or drag yourself to a class you're failing. Everyone has goals and we all hope to get that clean fresh scent.



>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No please don’t go on a shooting rampage and hijack a bus full of school children demanding millions dollars and a plane out of the country while holding a detonator for a nuclear bomb. (It’s funny what you write about when you’re tired…) Anyway, when was the last time you really spent time to play? I am not talking about going out to a club and partying or kicking back with a drink. I talking about tag you’re it or dodge ball galore, the good old fashioned out door scrubbed knees and dirt in fingernails.

How on earth did I start thinking about this? In recreation and leisure class- that’s right apparently you can major in recreation- the thought came up. If you were ever looking to do a 180 in life recreation would be the one to choose. You get to teach other people how to have fun as your job. Basically every day would be play…kind of…actually I am not really sure but you get the point.

Don’t get me wrong I love video games and I guess “grown up” activities are fun too. But there’s something about “play” that connects me to childhood. There are countless memories of careless times and the freedom to do as I pleased. It goes to show that we all probably grew up too quick and didn’t realize it till maybe just now. Can’t complain I suppose.

Reminds me of childhood:


What My Life Has Come To

>> Monday, December 1, 2008

So, I find that I seem to have a lot of time on my hands lately. This is, most likely, attributed to the fact that I have failed all 4 of my classes this semester (for reasons varying from not going to just not doing any of the work; you know, same old high school stuff). Anyways, it is because of this that I have come into some down time; which, as we all know, undoubtedly leads to some time to think about stuff. So, the last few weeks have been mostly a time of self-reflection and inner thought...and attempting to organize myself. Due to the swift change into college, I have been thinking only about the person I should try to become and what will make me happy later and what I need to do in order to ensure what I could have or be doing in the future. I haven't been paying enough attention to myself, and what I need out of myself right now and what I need in order to be happy now. That is what, I've discovered, is really important right now (and probably contributed to why I failed my classes).

So, my life lately has consisted of:
1) uploading, downloading, and re-ordering music in my itunes folder
2) talking to my girlfriend a lot
3) getting slightly better in Guitar Hero
4) still sucking in Guitar Hero
5) figuring out what I'm going to take next semester
6) meeting new people and making new friends
7) pestering old friends
8) updating lists (I'm a list maker)
9) catching up on my reading
10) I've taken up meditating.

It's pretty cool, and I enjoy the irony that I'm only just living at college, and not taking any classes. Though, I still go to math class everyday at 8 am, just to sleep and/or read. There is no point, as the teacher already told me I've irrevocably failed, but it's something to do, and I have a lot of friends in that class.

So, there is no lesson to be learned here I guess, other than…stay in school. And don’t do drugs.



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