Let's Do Laundry!

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

I stole this title from one of those cheesy signs in the laundry room. Being away from home and living the college life has taught me many things. It's changed my perspective of people and the justification of certain actions. A lot of this change can be seen in my many adventures of washing my own clothes.

#1 Society is like a broken dryer that gives you double the time for one payment. When people see an opportunity to break the system they generally take it. People enjoy sticking it to the man; it’s a shame that honesty is not praised in our society.

#2 People in the real world have the same manners as when they do laundry. A person's characteristics and true colors are shown in the image of washers. Jerks that hate waiting for a person to come back will empty a machine by throwing the contents on top. They disregard the fact that the clothes don't belong to them. Thus the washer reveals all.

#3 Laundry is a choice. Just like many other things in life, no one is going to force you to wash your undies. If you are so compelled, you can gamble a little and stretch the "clean span" of your clothes. Or if you dare, not wash anything at all. (Good luck with option two; it’s the fun one)

#4 Interpretation is creation. I've used this phrase before but this time it’s in a different context. Everyone has their own opinions and perspectives about many different subjects and topics. Such as religion, politics, or portion control with detergent. No one can tell you to think different, even when the bottle is clearly labeled for the second line on the cap.

#5 The wash and dry cycle are a lot like someone's life cycle. There's an objective in mind whether to get that ketchup stain out or drag yourself to a class you're failing. Everyone has goals and we all hope to get that clean fresh scent.



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