Math is Self Understanding

>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One of my professors quoted this: pre-calculus is a self-understanding study. Four exams, countless assignments , and many weeks later I still have no clue what this philosophical mumbo jumbo is supposed to mean. Maybe he said it just to wake people up or get their attention. Or perhaps it was actually supposed to have some relative meaning on the subject, who knows. As I flip through my notes and test papers I ponder about this random adage I happen to write down during the semester. At the same time I dread the final that I have yet to take for the class...

The symbolism in this reference raises a few thoughts about life. You see, after thinking about it, life is like a complex multi-step math problem. Often times we'll skip over the easy steps we already know. We feel as if we already know it, so why bother writing it out? We skip parts because we think our understanding perceives us. The same goes for friendships, relationships, our religion, etc. Why should I get that loyal friend a present when we already hangout everyday? Why should I say, "I love you" when they already know we do? Why should I bother to pray, doesn't God already know what I am thinking?

In the words of my professor, "It's the baby steps that determine whether you get the question right or wrong". Writing what you already know makes all the difference in the result. The result being the solution or a mistake. It's worth the time even if it seems unnecessary to get a present showing you appreciate that friendship. Or the fact that just because he or she knows you love them doesn't mean it hurts to say it. Why would you ignore the creator of everything, some people would die for that freedom. (The last one is a bit of a tangent but whatever)

So my dear friends take the time to make the baby steps. It might just get you that passing grade you're hoping for.



Lazy Punk 12/18/08, 10:50 PM  

By any chance, LT, that last bit that was a "tangent," does that mean you're going to not ignore the creator? Are you taking the advice I gave you a few nights ago?

Btw, good message. It's true. We take things for granted. We automatically think that people know we love them. We use that as an excuse to skip steps and to not make the effort to show them that we love them. But let's remember, everyone. COMMUNICATION is the key too all relationships. To anyone. A sibling, a parent, a lover, a business partner, anyone. COMMUNICATION is key. And that could be any type of communication: talking, letters, gifts, cards, singing, post-it notes, etc.

trueazngangsta 12/20/08, 4:54 PM  

good stuff man. thanks.

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