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>> Monday, December 1, 2008

So, I find that I seem to have a lot of time on my hands lately. This is, most likely, attributed to the fact that I have failed all 4 of my classes this semester (for reasons varying from not going to just not doing any of the work; you know, same old high school stuff). Anyways, it is because of this that I have come into some down time; which, as we all know, undoubtedly leads to some time to think about stuff. So, the last few weeks have been mostly a time of self-reflection and inner thought...and attempting to organize myself. Due to the swift change into college, I have been thinking only about the person I should try to become and what will make me happy later and what I need to do in order to ensure what I could have or be doing in the future. I haven't been paying enough attention to myself, and what I need out of myself right now and what I need in order to be happy now. That is what, I've discovered, is really important right now (and probably contributed to why I failed my classes).

So, my life lately has consisted of:
1) uploading, downloading, and re-ordering music in my itunes folder
2) talking to my girlfriend a lot
3) getting slightly better in Guitar Hero
4) still sucking in Guitar Hero
5) figuring out what I'm going to take next semester
6) meeting new people and making new friends
7) pestering old friends
8) updating lists (I'm a list maker)
9) catching up on my reading
10) I've taken up meditating.

It's pretty cool, and I enjoy the irony that I'm only just living at college, and not taking any classes. Though, I still go to math class everyday at 8 am, just to sleep and/or read. There is no point, as the teacher already told me I've irrevocably failed, but it's something to do, and I have a lot of friends in that class.

So, there is no lesson to be learned here I guess, other than…stay in school. And don’t do drugs.




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