Social Climate: 002

>> Friday, December 4, 2009

California Higher Education

Thirty two percent. Two thousand five hundred dollars. Multiple arrests and protests. It's a reality boys and girls. The University of California will be raising its tuition next year. It all started in the junior colleges, worked its way up to the state schools, and is now knocking on the doors of the UC system. Few words can express the emotions of such actions other than "I told you so". At least those were the thoughts communicated by local faculty and staff.

It would appear as if the best of times have long gone, and the worst of times have made their presence known. Now it is clear and without doubt that the value of education has declined. No longer does the state of California care to invest in its future. Our original intent of creating a university system like no other is but a memory. The desire was for innovation beyond imagination. Instead students and professors alike are dust.

Who are the first to suffer? Students. Why? They don't give a dam about politics. (Personally and honestly I know I don't half the time.) The depressing statistic stands true as much as people don't believe it. Students get the hit first because generally they won't do anything. Funny thing is the proud governor of CA claimed he would never cut education funding during his campaign for office. Fast forward to now- slap me sideways cause this must be a dream. This isn't some annoying soap box cry, it's an eye opener.

The Hope: Break the statistics. End the stereotypes. Mail the man.

Pursue that higher education because it won't pursue you. Nuff said.

Dating and Relationships: 002

>> Monday, November 30, 2009

One at a Time

One cookie at a time, just like one relationship at a time. One lady or one man. It means one significant other holds your focus as long as you're still with them. It states that you're off the market, no rain checks or disputes. No fighting, kicking, or screaming since the ads have it in print. It is quite possibly one of the last remaining morals still held in high regard.

Some might argue: "You have two why not two cookies?" Well that might be true to some extent. Two cookies are better than one. (Two of anything really...most of the time.) But the fact is you only have one mouth. Try it as hard as you want but two cookies aren't going to fit in there. Even if you manage to jam them in the experience is completely different. You can only give so much of yourself to another person.

Truth be told, the one at a time rule makes the entire cookie all the better. Each cookie that you try out is a search for the best. We learn to develop preferences and understand what we like and look for in a cookie. Some people enjoy chocolate while others want nuts. Some like crispy and some like soft. Every passing relationship makes a person all the more better. Each failed relationship is one step closer towards finding the right person.

Conversations: 001

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

A: Why’s it say brassiere on your book?
B: Huh? Oh, it’s Brasserie. It’s my French book

Guy at the front of class is giving a presentation when his instant messaging pops up.
“What girl do you know with mood swings?”

Middle of a lecture, cell phone ring tone goes off.
“Excuse me boss, you have a text message.”

A: What are you guys dressed up as?
B: Can’t you tell? We’re alcoholics.

A: “Is that guy flipping you off?”
B: “No… he just stuck his middle finger in the air and pointed it to the sky”

A: “Where do we get fish?”
B: “ Hmm…probably from the ocean”
A: “But that guy has fish in his pockets”

Social Climate: 001

>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bus stop; City Central; Typical Saturday afternoon.

Standing in the crisp autumn wind I listen to my tunes silently daydreaming away. The skies are a native grey with just the slightest hint of sun peeking through. Out of the corner of my eye the bus comes puffing its way along the street. (Honking and tooting all along the way) I board and take a seat pulling off my ear phones to read a magazine. A pack of middle school kids pass by to take a seat in the back.

“You hella ****** up, you fat *** *****!”

I briefly glance up from my article to find a young man no older than twelve years of age mouthing off to his companions. By the looks of it he’s an average school boy with a backpack like any other student. It’s then that I wonder if I spoke like that at his age. I grew up with the unspoken rule of no foul language allowed. I was taught that that sort of language was meant for the ignorant and those with ill vocabulary. Only people who fail at articulating themselves with other words speak in such a way.

In our modern world swearing and cussing in general is so easy accepted. People seem to be so numb with the words flowing out of their mouths. It’s disheartening to see younger individuals, namely children and middle school kids, talking with the attitude. I am sure on some level they just want to impress their friends and be a total showoff. But where has the innocence gone? Are we really living in a society that deems this as acceptable?

For the time being all I can do is frown and shake my head in disapproval. I do hope that little changes in people’s choice of words leave lasting impressions. Today I’ll start by leading by example and see what tomorrow yields.

Dating and Relationships: 001

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

The friend that’s more than a friend.

Deny it all you want but there’s always that one guy or girl who’s extra special to you. It can happen in a brief moment or over a long extended period. Maybe you always had something and neither of you had the courage to explore it. Maybe one of you was just too scared. Or perhaps you over think things, you were wrong, and you placed your heart into something that wasn’t meant to be.

On the contrary, there’s the situation of being correct. Yes, it does exist and happens in the real world. The lucky boy or girl gets thrown into a new situation proving just how tough they can be. It’s a weird transition because you move from only thinking about someone one way to…liking them. That really good friend you love hanging out with starts making you giddy inside.

The next impossible undertaking would be whether or not the other person feels the same way. This comes in the form of acting couple-y, flirting, joking, touching, what have you. If you are both part of a larger group of friends it generally makes things even worse. Don’t argue; it’s always worse because friends will be just as awkward or poke fun. It’s even worse when it’s a guy because girls will generally tease more than guys. Neither of you means to do it, it just happens.

Then you tell him or her. Straight up is preferable, all that extra planning and making it special is too much. It’s easy when both parties feel the same way. But the hardest part, arguably, is how you both break it to your mutual friends. No we’re not lying to you seeing as how they have to- unexpectedly- change their opinions abruptly on you both, and you both as one.

This step has to happen to be taken seriously by the people you want the most reassurance from. Otherwise, all you two will be is two friends who tried to become a couple, but never had the chance due to no guidance from friends. Frankly everyone needs help in their relationship endeavors, despite how well you think you can go about it alone.


>> Friday, October 9, 2009

“Maybe we should work on the blog” –July
“Dang when was the last time we made a post” –August
“Ok we gotta plan a comeback…soon…maybe later” -September

It’s time to start over… again. The writers of LT&C have been busy over the past several months and will only get busier. The two of us have gone off to separate places to pursue our different goals and desires. However, we continue to keep in contact and will still write together. In other words, we’re BACK baby!

Come backs are _____ (fill in the blank)

Summer Travels - Part Seven

>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Gilroy Garlic Festival. One of a kind experience I must admit and I am not just talking about the garlic flavored ice cream. (Which might I say is actually amazingly tasty considering it's garlic.) The food, the people, the music, the culture...dang like no other.

The temperature on this day was in the upper 90s and hit 100 during midday. So you figure any one with half a brain would stay in the shade or walk toward the cooler areas. However, being the idiot I am, sat in the blazing rays of that furnace in the sky to wait for this guy. In case you don't know it's Fabio Viviani, Top Chef Season 5 fan favorite contestant. After seeing his demo...not that great of a cook.

Me - "Man it's freaking hot out here"
Friend - "Can you go stand by the hot garlic thing and take a picture for me"
Me - grumble grumble

Nothing better than some garlic shrimp made by a lady adding too much alcohol to the pan. Or at least I think that's a lady...maybe it's a man without eyebrows...

Summer Travels - Part Six

>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mini Golf. A perfectly calm summer afternoon of smacking a tiny ball around and failing to get it in a hole. At the same time being surrounded by oddly shaped trees and bushes. Not to mention the fact that the house is about as tall as my friend. Well at least it didn't cost that much.

Summer Travels - Part Five

>> Monday, July 6, 2009

There are few things that I enjoy more than spending a holiday weekend with family. Perhaps its blowing up a bunch of these bad boys and eating to my heart's content on a holiday.

 The amazing aftermath of smoldering cardboard, paper, and plastic. Definitely the best fifty some dollars I have ever spent.

This is Rusty the stray dog. We found him wandering in the street and drinking water from the sprinklers on the front lawn. He's probably still sitting at the animal shelter right now waiting to be picked up or adopted. If anyone's interested he's a nice guy that just needs a good home and family. He knows basic commands and is quiet for the most part.

My Uncle and Auntie have this huge garden in the back. They can grow anything and everything they can get their hands on. One of our meals was composed of all fresh stuff with some fancy delicacies hard to find in most places. Most restaurants normally charge a arm and a leg for this type of food.

Summer Travels - Part Four

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fishing down in Pacifica.

Never a better day to be outside.

Summer Travels - Part Three

>> Sunday, June 14, 2009

Decided to go on a spontaneous road trip last week up to UC Davis. It's not my first time visiting the school, but man is this place spread out. It is most definitely not close to the same as San Jose State. Here's a short summary of Davis wanderings:

Drove up in the afternoon and went over to friend's house. Dropped him off for final and walked around downtown Davis. Grabbed some dinner and walked into this quiet little place. Friends got some gelato while I admired this lovely window sill.

Hopped in the car and tried to find my friend in this crazy place. Tons and tons of people still studying for finals and I've been out for weeks. Suckers. I love my school year schedule.

Eventually found my friend in this mess. I was burning up just from walking around for 5 minutes. This place needs to work on its ventilation cause someone could die in here. Said my hellos and wished them the best of luck in their studies.

What's there to do in Davis at the stroke of midnight? That's right, grill up this bad boy! Salt, Pepper, and flame kissed. Best cheap piece of meat I ever bought. Perfect way to end the night.

Summer Travels - Part Two

>> Thursday, June 11, 2009

Next stop on our adventures is the quiet town of Monterey, California. I decided to visit a few friends and go for a walk out of the blue. When asked if I'd live there I said it would be a nice place to retire. It's a calm place on the edge of no where that offers a sense of peace. Not to mention it's also very beautiful and has more than just an aquarium. Here's where we went:

The sand on Monterey beach is way different from the ones in San Francisco or Santa Cruz. It's incredibly finer, softer, and way cleaner. Reminded me of walking on styrofoam.

Made our way down to the pier with just enough light left to take this picture. Sampled a bunch of different clam chowders till we found a winner. The bread bowls are not quite as good as San Francisco but a good contender.

After bread bowls we waddled around some more and found these silly things in a candy shop. This one was my favorite, but I don't think I could eat it.

Flowers growing on the side of the pier. It covered almost a whole wall.

Monterey; definitely a place I wouldn't mind visiting again.

Summer Travels - Part One

>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here's more on where we've been the past month or so. First stop for our travels this summer is Catalina Island. It's a quiet little place located right off the coast of Los Angeles, California. This is the crazy trip on how to get there:

First we start with 5-6 hours driving in a car. Departure time was around 6 AM if I recall correctly.

Arrive at the port of Los Angeles around 2 in the afternoon. We hop on this bad boy for a 30-45 min ferry ride, luckily I don't get sea sick.

We reach the "island" late in the afternoon only to take another boat to where we're staying. Another 15-20 minutes. (Looks like something out of LOST.)

An entire day of traveling and suddenly it seems completely worth it. No television, internet, or cell phone reception. No worries of life.

Our little piece of paradise.

School Is Out

>> Monday, June 8, 2009

Where have we been? What have we been up to? Good question; let us fill you in.

The semester has been done for a little over two weeks now. The first year of college has gone as quickly as it came. I’ve traveled from one end of the state to the other. I’ve eaten out so much that it’s hard to remember the taste of “home cooked”. I’ve slept on couches, backseats, buses, and everywhere in between. I’ve moved back home and said good bye to countless friends. Friends I won’t see for the summer, friends I won’t see in a year, or some that I’ll probably never see again.

I don’t think I can describe this year and do it justice. I was once told that if you don’t know what to write, it’s best to quote someone else. If you can’t top it, borrow it and go out strong. I think my friend Mr. John Snell said it best…

Memories of the 10th FLoor

I love this place, I really do. The past year has been one of the most memorable times of my life. The people I've met here will probably continue to affect me in one way or another for the rest of my life. These are good people; people I'd like to stay friends with for a long, long time. So many memories, so many memories. I'm going to miss this view, this window, this room, this floor and all the people I've met through it. I hope to god that these people will continue to be in my life as the years go by. I'm going to miss waking up at 3pm, making fun of DC food, running up and down the stairs to see my girlfriend, going from room to room being bored out of my mind looking for something to do, the warm nights, walking barefoot across campus, being able to round up twelve people in an instant to do an activity, laughing at stupid videos on youtube, having my room invaded and packed to the brim with friends, and countless other things. Although life will go on and I will go on to meet new people and experience new things, this year will stay with me for as long as I live. I am thankful beyond measure to have had the fortune of being placed amongst such good people. This is what memories are made from, this is life.

Thanks John.

To everyone I’ve met this year: good luck on the road ahead and may you be safe until we meet again.

The Homestretch

>> Monday, May 11, 2009

Isn’t it funny how one moment you can have a firm belief in something. Then in the next moment everything you know, your morals, your ethics, the core of your foundation is shattered. Can one image really change your entire view on something?

It’s funny, but I am not exactly rolling on the floor laughing my head off. The first year of our college experience is coming to a close. If we were to run into our old high school freshman identities would we even recognize them? The most we can remember are faded images of a forgotten world history class; And of course, the memory of two quiet and timid writers meeting for the first time. The years have passed but we’re still just as lazy then as we are now. If anything college doesn’t teach you how to do things effectively. College teaches you how to manage time… and cram at the last minute. This post isn’t so much a condemnation but rather a proclamation of encouragement. We’ll leave you with a quote familiar to us.

“You’re in college now man. No one, and I mean NO ONE, can tell you to do anything you don’t want to do. You’re on your own and never alone at the same time. You can choose whatever your heart desires; it’s your life to live. Now take out the garbage lazy.”

Wooozah…Quiet Place

>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

Typical afternoon of studying…

  • Guy across from me watching movie or TV show on lap top, headphones on. Keeps sniffing from the snot and mucus in his nose. Makes me want to jam a tissue up his sinus. 10 minutes later I get up.
  • Girl on laptop. Maybe she’s working on a…nope. Her breathing sounds like a panting St. Bernard. 15 minutes later I move again.
  • Two girls behind me reading. Finally I get some peace and quiet. I pull out my books and bam! Wrong spot again, they start giggling about some boy. (Sadly not me. It’s some boss on Facebook.) Two more friends come over and chat up a storm. I am up and walk to the other side of the floor.
  • Some guy typing away on his computer. I am hesitant but decide to sit in the cubicle next to him. He’s video chatting with a special someone and puts on headphones to be respectful. The most I hear out of him is a small chuckle. I can live with it.
  • 4 hours later I’ve done a good amount of writing and studying, the guy next to me finishes too. He apologizes for being a little noisy; his girl friend goes to school out of state. I say no problem at all.
Why can’t more people be like this guy? Sigh.

College Life Contest Winners

>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

We are proud to announce our winners for the College experience contest. After many hours of reading and debating we came to a decision. Due to certain circumstances and conditions we are only rewarding the top two entries. We felt these two spoke out the most, congratulations to...

Grand Prize: Courtney, CA
Runner Up: Evalyn, CA

Winning Entry

My high school and college experiences have been wildly different from each other. In high school, everyone was extremely cliquey. Everyone fit into some genre, and stuck to only people of their own genre. For example, people in band only hung out with people in band, ROTC kids only hung out with other ROTC kids, etc. This is not necessarily a bad thing. People like to feel like they belong somewhere, and that they have people there who they can always talk to. As a solution, they decide to be friends with those who share common interests with them. That sounds reasonable, right? If you are friends with people who share the same interest as you, then you have much more to talk about. There is nothing wrong with being in groups, but in high school, we tend to cling to our groups too much. These cliques are all conditioned to think exactly alike, and therefore we fail to find our own unique identity. In college, there are still groups, but we don’t cling to them; we interact with all sorts of people. In doing this, we are taking in all sorts of different opinions, and starting to come up with our own opinions. Now, as I am figuring out my own identity, I have started to come up with my own view of the world, and not someone else’s.

Thank you for all those who participated. We’ll bring back regular posting soon enough.

Exams + Stress + Nervous = ?

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exams. Some people sweat, others jitter, some have aches and pains. But as for me......I poop. Yes, that's right, I poop like there's no tomorrow. My body goes into like a poo overdrive during exam weeks. I go about 4 times a day, sometimes even more. I didn't even know my body could produce such a massive amount. It begs the question, where is it all coming from? It shall remain a mystery of life. Study well students and flush away.

It's Only Monday

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

For some people the start of the week is the hardest. You have to reset your mental clock from the weekend and get up at a certain hour (if you feel like going to class that is). Most Mondays don’t really hit me until they’re over and done with. Once I get a good rhythm going I am solid for the day. As for now, everyday feels like the same motions repeating over and over. Have a good week. Enjoy the song folks, tomorrow never comes until its too late.


>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

The writers of Lemon Tea and Cookies proudly present their first contest. Enter for a chance to win up to $100 dollars in gift cards. To win simply answer ONE (1) of the following questions in 250 words or less and email it to with your name.

-What is your best college memory?
-How has college changed your view of the world?

We’ll look through all the entries and pick our favorite ones as winners. To ensure we receive your entry please label the email as “CL CONTEST”. Contest runs from April 5th to May 2nd. Winners will be announced on or before May 9th. Winners will be asked for their contact and mailing information only if they win. Winning entries will be posted on our site. Many will enter but only few will win. Please comment regularly on our posts and subscribe so we can continue to do this. THANK YOU AND ENTER TODAY!

Grand Prize: One Hundred Dollar ($100) Gift Card to Nordstrom
Second Place Prize: Twenty-Dollar ($20) Gift Card to Starbucks
Third Place Honorable Mention: Ten-Dollar ($10) Gift Card to Blockbuster


Official Rules and Regulations

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Contest (“Contest”) open to all legal residents of the 50 United States and the Canada, age 18 years or older who have Internet access as of April 1, 2009, except employees, officers, directors, agents and shareholders (and their immediate families [spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses] and household members [whether or not related]) of Lemon Tea and Cookies. (the “Sponsor”), and its parents, subsidiaries, divisions, trustees, franchisees, participating vendors, distributors, advertising and promotion agencies and affiliated entities (collectively, with the Sponsor, the “Contest Entities”). Void wherever prohibited by law. Sweepstakes is governed by U.S. law and subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. By entering the Contest, entrants agree to accept and be bound by all terms of these Official Rules and Regulations (“Official Rules”). Many will enter few will win.
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Who tubes? YOUtube

>> Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're on youtube now! Check out our page, recommend a video, or leave a message. We tube on youtube! TUBE, TUBE, TUBE.

Amazing Does Happen

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Impossible. It's a unique word right next to never and unattainable. It gives off the connotation of no hope or chance even in a million years. However, when the amazing does happen, you're left in silence. Everything you know to be a fact or certainty is broken. There are no words to describe how you feel other than a hush. There have been many "amazing" moments in bay area sports such as...

However my friends there is no other moment like the one I am about to share. Yes sir, the impossible has happened. Our dear Alma Mater has made the impossible nothing. Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep has finally brought back the Bruce Mahoney Trophy to its rightful home. After a decade of shortcomings and the graduation of many classes including my own, it is done. Congrats to this years amazing basketball and baseball team for making this dream a reality. We are proud to say the writers of Lemon Tea and Cookies are both alums. Yes, indeed it is true, today is a glorious day for the Fighting Irish. WHO WE BE?!? SHC!!! I-R-I-S-H! IRISH!
For more read HERE and HERE


>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Let’s face it; staying awake in class is one of the hardest things to do. Cold days and a warm sweater only make the sleepiness more inviting. Add a boring teacher and a non-ventilated room into the mix and you’re passed out. Here are a few classroom stimulants we enjoy using that you might too.

  1. Peppermint. Peppermint tea, peppermint candy, peppermints. It’s an all natural stimulant that can smack some life into you. We usually carry a few in our pockets.
  2. Gum. Orbit, Winterfresh, Dente, or whatever your fix is. Moving your moth and chewing something keeps your brain from going numb.
  3. Hamstrings, triceps, biceps, and everything in between. Trust me, 5 minutes a day consistently keeps you alive. Stretching are my drugs and alcohol. It makes oxygen fly through my body. It’s quite the experience.
  4. Root beer, Cola, or Lemon Lime. It’s got sugar and packs a rush. Down side is the aftermath of having one, like a car accident or plane crash. I only drink it on occasion now.
  5. Cappuccino, frappuccino, or a straight up cup of joe. There’s a certain beauty in a well made cup of coffee. Honestly most of the time when I do get it I don’t need the caffeine. I just like the taste. Nowadays people seem to have brewing methods down to a science.
  6. If all else fails there’s always these bad boys. Monster, Rockstar, and Redbull. Try to stay away from this stuff, please. Drink enough of it and it’ll melt your teeth. But if you’re going all out no holds barred then down a Redline or Bawls. You’ve been warned.

What ever your fix is make sure you stay healthy by keeping it moderation. Remember, nothing is better than actually getting a decent night of rest.

Subtle Brewed Musings

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

There are few things in life that I get to slow down and enjoy. College life can be a little too fast paced at times. After a while life is all routine, a simple reflex of sorts. One of my favorite things to do is go to a local coffee shop, order something, and let time pass by. On this particular visit to a Starbucks I ordered one of my usual: blueberry scone and iced green tea. As I drifted off into a sunny day dream an older gentleman needed a seat. The place was packed. I offered him the seat across from me at the tiny table I was sitting at. A little head nod and we resumed our business; me writing and him doing a word find. Him drinking a cup of coffee, me with a mouthful of blueberry scone. There’s a silent interaction among strangers that normally goes unnoticed. This could of been one of them for all I know. The man on the other side of the table was in his later years. Where would I be when I shared the same place in the path of life? Would I have a degree? Would I have a job? Would I be married? Would I be alone? Would I have a home of my own? Would I be happy?

“What are you writing?”
Reality hits.
“Excuse me?”
“What are you writing”, the man asks.

I tell him I am a blogger, college student, do this thing for fun. He tells me he used to write, he does the word puzzles now. Keeps his eyes and mind sharp. Day dreams are a funny thing. Maybe word finds are more fun than they look…I’ll have to wait and see. For now I need some more iced tea.

College and Money

>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

4400. That's the number of students who are going to be turned away from our school. Four thousand and four hundred potential Spartans, (from what we know) more than any other California State University. Due to California's budget crisis San Jose State University has to turn away perfectly qualified students. Official's say this is a first in San Jose State's history for freshman applicants. Lucky for us current students the administration won't result to kicking anyone out. However they will be tacking on a extra $300 or so per semester. Sigh.

I must say this is a new experience for the writers of this blog. You see... we both attended the same private high school and before that other private institutions. In fact one of us never even set foot in a public school before attending college. (Yes, hard to believe, but oh so true.) Tuition or "money for an education" was something we never thought about. We both kind of figured that it would be taken care because our parents were dependable. Fast forward to the present, we have no money, credit, job, or real food. One of us is on complete loans and financial aid. The other one keeps track and charts every cent he spends on excel. Our idea of a vacation is taking public transit around town. The word "humbling" is hardly enough to describe how we feel.

Words of advice:
#1- It's never too early to start saving a few dollars.
#2- There's nothing wrong with being frugal, or if as MOST people say "cheap".
#3- (For the SJSU incoming freshmen) 4400 people would kill for your spot. Show them you earned it.

Technology Doomsday

>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conficker C. That's the name of the potentially deadly virus set to hit computers on April 1st, April Fools Day. This computer worm, now in its third variant, has been driving people crazy since it first appeared in 2008. Currently everyone is panicking and a $250,000 bounty has been put on the worm writer. (Can you believe it? A bounty on a worm writer!) It must be exciting for some people out there who do nothing in a cubicle all day. It makes their job interesting for the next couple of weeks or until they fix it. And the writer is probably getting a kick out of this as well. (If he or she happens to be reading this, I tip my hat to you. You got some serious skills, but maybe you should do something else with those skills of yours.) Word of advice to everyone else: update your anti-virus stuff, lay off downloading, and use common sense. Let this be a lesson that you should be nice to the tech people behind the counter. They're human too.

The Equation of Love & Death

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

Recently I had the pleasure of being able to attend the Asian American Film Festival in San Francisco. I've been hearing nothing but good things about this festival for a quite some time. Plus, tickets always seem to sell out in a matter of hours so you know its has to be good. It wasn't until this year I had the time to attend. I was recommended to see The Equation of Love & Death so I figured I'd give it a try.

It's not often I watch smaller and more independent movies, but this one was memorable. The sense of space in the cinematography was certainly on key in this film. The story was poetic and organized with a stylish appeal. However, this is the kind of movie you definitely have to pay attention in order to keep up. Extra props to the leading actress, Zhou Xun, who did a terrific job with her character. If you get chance to watch this it is a definite must. For a sneak peek watch the trailer (sorry, can't find a good English version).

Tonga Volcano Erupts

>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

Found this today while reading some news, thought it was interesting. A underwater volcano erupted near the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific ocean. No one was hurt since it was six miles off the coast but it was still a sight to behold. It's rare to see such an amazing natural event happen. Read the full story and see more photos. This makes me wish I was still taking middle school science for some reason. Oh to be a kid again...

Chucks, Dunks, Originals, and Runners

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maybe it’s just me…wait…nope, definitely not just me. No way- it can’t be. OK maybe it’s a certain guy thing or depends on the person. But a nice pair of shoes is hard to keep your eyes off. The brand, the choices of colors, the design- it can speak silent words about the kind of person you are. It defines image, transcends human nature, and lets you strut and fret your hour upon stage until you’re heard no more. [Insert brand name here] Dang that’s advertisement worthy, I might just sell that one. Never the less, they’re nice to look at and sort of get you pumped up inside.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about that fancy foot wear stiletto string like thing ladies wear to parties. I am talking about feel good sneakers. One’s to have a slice of pizza and ice cold soda in. I am talking about one’s where some people pay an insane amount of money to own. Like this pair. Yes that is a real eBay auction and those shoes were sold to a living person. Priced for an out of this world amount and bought at the price of multiple college tuition. It’s simply unbelievable. That’s also the reason why I frown on people with dozens of shoes they don’t really need. It does hurt to think about how some companies produce their products. Shoes, kicks, footwear, it’s a complicated relationship. As for now, especially being a student, they’re just something nice to look at. Ending the exciting series, back to normal posts until we're inspired again.

The Essence of Free

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

Free Food. It almost speaks for itself. Nothing is more appealing to a college kid than something FREE and FILLS the stomach. The whole concept of free just makes it taste all the better. Over the past month or so we’ve been filling up on some free-ness. Jack in the Box has been going crazy with free food the past couple of weeks. Ihop had national Pancake Day, get your short stacks! We won free gift certificates to Sweet Tomatoes. Burger king is giving away burger shots this Saturday (3/14, 11am-2pm), we’ll probably be there. Sadly that’s also the reason why we haven’t written anything in a while…

A - “Hey you write that blog post yet?"
B - “Nope, I went to jack in the box, they’re giving away food today."
A - “SCORE!”

Yes, indeed our big fat tummies decided to take a break for the better. I don’t know if all these giveaways should make me nervous of the economy or my weight. Anyways, the main point of today’s lesson is that once you get to college there’s going to be a lot of free food. Whether it’s cookies in class or some fast food joint, there’s plenty of food. The challenge is picking the right stuff. We normally go with legit looking deals, and not the guy giving away “secrete ingredient” brownies. Eat away friends but remember to be cautious.

Gamer Nation

>> Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exciting Things 2. It is without a doubt that college kids love their video games. We can’t get enough of them and can’t live without them. We might even wait in line for days or hours for certain releases. I can still remember my earliest video game memory of play duck hunt on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Fast forward to the future, lo and behold, modern gaming. It’s amazing to see what we’ve accomplished in such a short time. Thus we proudly bring a list of the video games we commonly see in the dorms (enjoy):

Smash Bros (all versions): It’s as if a childhood fantasy came true. What if all our favorite characters came together for a brawl? There’s nothing better than talking a little smack while smacking another guy’s character off the screen. The music soundtrack on this gets incredibly annoying very fast. “You C-sticker”

Madden (any year): He’s going, going, he just might…go…all…the…way…TOUCH DOWN! Yeah baby, yeah baby, [insert wail, scream, or roar]. How do you like that sucka?!?! You can’t touch this! This basically goes back and forth for hours on end. We never get tired of it unless the other guy is being a jerk and show boat.

Starcraft: Yes indeed, you better believe it, this game is still played on campus. It never gets old and will only be replaced by the highly anticipated sequel. What can be more fun than a late night/early morning eight person free for all? “Die Zerg, die, die die!”

Left 4 Dead: The recently released new roller to the playing field is this shoot’em up. A four-person team co-op style, this game is quite the zombie stress relief. For a week I heard nothing but gunshots coming out of people’s rooms. “Boomer, boomer! Oh no! Oh no!”

Halo (any version): Friend playing for the first time, she's a girl, other friend sitting next to her trying to teach--

Girl: “Where’s the rocket launcher? Wait who’s that? Ahh, stop, stop!”
[Guy is smacking girl's character with pistol]
Guy: Haha
[In panic girl shoots guy in head with shot gun]
Guy: What the ****!?!
Girl: “I killed someone?!? YAY!!”

Nuff Said, Game On

Who Watches the Watchmen?

>> Monday, March 2, 2009

Back from a break and we’re fired up in full force. We’re starting a series on things that excite us/college kids. You know…like that stuff that makes you want to get up in the morning. Or its the little extra something that makes your day. Or the stuff that makes you want to scream and shout while running through the streets in your hello kitty boxers because you’re so ridiculously stoked and can’t wait another living second? Like such…

It has come. After many days of torment. One of the most celebrated graphic novels of our time. Made by the highly acclaimed duo of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. One of Time Magazine’s 100 best novels. Winner of the Hugo Award. Hailed as “brilliant” and “groundbreaking”. On March 6th all we know will change. The Watchmen have arrived.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie I was amazed that it was a comic book. (Not to mention the music in the trailer was beyond words) My co-writer and I picked up a copy and read it cover to cover. I soaked in every detailed image and studied the writing. It’s the most original and unique comic book story I’ve read to date. We both agree that its well written for a comic book and worth going to the midnight screening. (Nearly 3 hours of cinematic fun here we come!) How highly anticipated is it you say? Some guy bought sold out IMAX tickets for a midnight screening for $100. It speaks for itself.

Watch the trailer then watch the movie then watch the novel…I mean READ the novel. Watchmen!

Lemon Tea, Cookies, and Giants

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little over a week ago we met some really nice guys from the San Francisco Giants. If you were at Britannia Arms in San Jose then you might have seen us. Take a look at what they were nice enough to do...

[San Francisco Giants Pitcher Sergio Romo]

[San Francisco Giants Pitcher Keiichi Yabu]

[San Francisco Giants Announcer Mike Krukow]

Many thanks to Romo, Yabu, and Krukow for taking the pictures. And special thanks to Sarah for convincing Krukow that our blog is legit. Go Giants!

V-Day 2009

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day is a complicated day for many. Whether it’s the reality of being single or the frustrations of looking for that perfect present, it’s not easy. But that’s beside the point right now. Half of this writing team is spending valentines with a significant other for the very first time. The other half thought he would tell the tale of his friend’s epic journey. In the interest of keeping their identities anonymous we’ll name the guy Joe and the girl Mary.

I’ve know both Joe and Mary for many years now even before they were dating. Joe is a standup guy and has been a loyal wingman. Mary is a smart and witty girl that’s just right for Joe. The three of us all went to high school together and share many memories.

Fast forward to the present, Joe and I go to the same college and are still good friends to this day. Mary goes to school in a far off land up in the wilderness of California. Every so often brave Joe travels up to see his beloved Mary. This is how our conversations usually go:

Joe: I hate bus stations
Me: Did you make it up there yet?
Joe: Dude I am not rolling in until 11 (pm). SAVE ME!
Me: Say you have a bomb
Joe: How will that get me there any faster?!?
Me: Never know until you try
Joe: Guess what? When we take a trip together I’ll let you do that and we’ll see what happens
Me: Sissy
Joe: Idiot

Yep, my good friend travels long and hard for his girl. If you two are reading this, Happy Valentine’s Day, almost a full year now huh? Mary- I hope you know how lucky you are to have that boy. Joe- Enjoy the ride back down sucker! Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples so if you’re single enjoy it with friends or family. But if you’ve got a special girl or guy in your life, let them know you care EVERYDAY and not just today. Cheers.

City Tunes

>> Monday, February 9, 2009

Last post in San Francisco Series. There's a lot of songs written about the bay and city in general. These songs bring pride and true flavor to the city. So dance the night away with these classics as we close this tribute to the city by the bay, the town we love.

Sights and Sounds

>> Sunday, February 8, 2009

California, San Francisco, Section 4, The Sights. Probably more famous than anything else in the city are the tourists attractions. Each one has its roots and history only making the city a better place to live. Here's a top 5 list for places you gotta visit if you stop by:

Chinatown: Sorry to all the haters but there is no place better in the city for me than Chinatown. There's always so much going on here and so many people walking around, its ridiculous. I grew up going to Chinatown all the time. Yes, I know, its not exactly the cleanest place in the world. But the food along with the people make it the heart of the city for me. Throw up some shout outs if you grew up in the Willy Woo Woo too.

Golden Gate Bridge: It's the most iconic symbol of San Francisco and its free to walk across. I can't say the toll to drive across has been nice as of late, but it is a nice landmark. I mean, seriously who in the world thinks about painting a bridge orange. Only thing I frown on are the jumpers, but who doesn't like being on the news...

AT&T Park: If you're from Southern California you might want to skip this section. This is probably the greatest place in the world to watch my beloved San Francisco Giants. I love the roar of the crowd here and the stomping on the steel bleachers. Kick back on a warm summer afternoon, Sheboygan Bratwurst with all the fixings, ice cold soda, side of garlic fries- nothing better.

Coit Tower: The climb up this hill is totally worth it to see the view across the bay. On a sunny day you can see the Marin Headleads far off in the distance. It's a bit of a rip off to pay to go up the tower but why not try it at least once in your life. One of the best places to feel a cool breeze on a hot day.

Lombard Street: Just drive down this thing. Have fun, make the minute last, you're in San Francisco.

Extras: Twin Peaks (360 views of SF), Cliff House (Nice view of the beach), Transamerican Building (its not as pointy as you think), Cable cars (ding ding, how could you go wrong?)

Get in my BELLY!!!

>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

Frisco, Chapter 3: One of the absolute best things about living in the city is the endless variety of food. From Downtown to the Avenues there's always some new restaurant to go to or a favorite joint to hit up. The best part is that I am not (and probably never will be) a picky eater. I usually try anything and everything at least once, food wise that is. (I am not sure if I can say the same for my co-writer.) Here's a few places that are tops for me:

Pearl's Deluxe Burgers: This place has some of the greatest specialty burgers I've ever tasted. The bleu cheese burger here is off the hook. The meat patties are nice and fatty, you get what you pay for. If you're feeling adventurous the buffalo meat is good too. All you can eat chilled pickles too!

Tommy's Joynt: I used to go to this place a lot during high school and the food has not changed at all. This is a great hangout place to watch a big game or kick back after a long day. It's cafeteria style so you can pick out whatever you like then pay at the register. High lights to this place are the dinner plate specials and the meat ball sandwhich. Ironically this place also has all you can eat pickles too. (One of my highschool friends liked A LOT)

Naan-N-Curry: This place firmly got me addicted to Indian flavors for a while. It was the first Indian food place I ever went to in my life. They now have multiple locations accross the city and a couple new dishes. The name speaks for itself, the naan and curry are all you need. The lamb curry here is always a must for me. That with a side of the free milk tea and naan and I am set. If you've never had Indian food you have to try this place.

Brothers Restaurant: Korean Barbecue like no other. Countless side dishes. Soups that you gotta sit down for. Bring mints and a change of clothes. Nuff said.

Old Mandarin Islam: You haven't had really good traditional hot pot till you've gone here. The name to this place is a little funny but the food is beyond words. Order up the regular soup base with lamb, beef, napa cabbage, and mushrooms. Get one of the giant pancakes with a plate of the green bean tofu while you wait for things to cook in the broth. Probably one of the best peanut sauces I've ever had in my mouth.

Emperor Palace Restaurant: The family has been going to this place for years. The owners and food style has changed over the years, but the portions are pretty consistent. You can't find a better place to get chinese food with a large group and still have green in your wallet. Also, the soups here will make you melt inside.

Fight, Bike, Run, and PAR-TAY

>> Tuesday, February 3, 2009

San Francisco, Part 3, Events. It is without a doubt that there's always something going on in the city. There is probably no other place in the world that has the same amount of diverse events. Here's a few of my favorites:

Bay to Breakers- An annual 12k run from one side of town to the other through the heart of the city. I was lucky enough to run in this race for the first time last year. Never have I seen such craziness, fun, costumes, and yes...nudity in a footrace. Some highlights on the course for me are: running through Golden Gate Park, hitting Hayes Street hill, listening to the all the bands on the road, pre-run tortilla toss, and being filmed on TV looking like a dork. I might just go back for round 2 this year.

Critical Mass- Though not an "official" event in any way at all, this mass bike ride takes place on the last Friday of each month. Hundreds of bikers swarm the Embarcadero with no particular leader and they ride. It takes place in the late afternoon and I heard its awesome to go in the summer. Recently the "idea" of critical mass has been spreading around the world with many bikers hitting the streets. I am planning to eventually go one summer.

Pillow Fight- Yes you heard it right. People get together and smack each other with pillows. This is a new independent event that started up in the past couple years. Friends have said it is quite...fluffy yet fun. Where else could you stand in public and knock out total strangers with a pillow? It usually takes place in February, around or on Valentines Day. watch here.

Honorable Mentions: (ones I've never been to or failed to write about) Love Fest, Gay Pride Parade, Mac World, Chinese New Year Parade, Halloween in the Castro, countless sports and music gigs, and many more I am sure.

Public Performance

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've decided to do a short series on my home town of San Francisco in response to the last entry. I didn't realize exactly how much I love the city until I left. It offers a certain flavor or vibe that I grew up in and is embedded into me. So part two is the sights of San Francisco that most people normally miss. Let me introduce you to Larry "Bucketman" Hunt:

This guy always brings a smile to my face when I am coming in or out of powell station. He seriously loves drumming and being able to entertain tourists walking by. The nearby stores don't really mind him since he brings shoppers to the area. His background and story is something that humbles me. Read the full story here. Apparently some nice guy also set up a myspace page for him too.

And now Fisherman's Wharf proudly- or not so proudly -presents the famous "Bushman". This fella is...well...he's......unique. Just watch the video and you can tell.

Honestly...there are no words for this guy. He spends his day scaring people...behind a fake bush. He's entertaining though - I'll give him that - and seems pretty harmless to me. To me he's just another unique character I enjoying seeing on the streets of San Fran. There's one last guy I want to mention that does not have a myspace page or some youtube video. His name is Billy, he sits just outside the Van Ness station on the corner near the #47/49 bus stop. In the four years I spent walking to the station from school this man has sat on that corner every day. And everyday I walked past him he'd be there giving passerbys a friendly "good morning" or "have a good evening". He's just some ordinary guy trying to make it in the world by spare change or leftovers. In my eyes these three individuals make up an image of the city I grew up in and the city I miss.

At the Corner of Bush and Obama

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

When I saw this I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. So someone or probably some group of people decided to change all the BUSH street signs to OBAMA. They went through the trouble of climbing up each post and perfectly covering the sign with a self made sticker. By the way this runs throughout the entire street, so its miles and miles of OBAMA. People in the city are unique even if this is breaking the law. Just another reason why I love the city by the bay. Thanks to cactusthesaint on Flickr for the photo.

Renovation and Facelift

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

As you might have noticed the blog has gone through a few changes over the winter season. After some deliberation, searching for a new layout, some tweaking here and there…behold! We proudly present our and improved blog! Why the change do you ask? Maybe it was the lack of things to do on a Friday afternoon or the wanting to be different from the other blogs online. Eh, who knows? Nevertheless, consider this a small act of standing out from the rest of the mass network of bloggers. Lastly, the writers of this proud blog are going to bring new a set of treats for a new year. What that is has yet to be figured out. Consider this change to be similar to this one:

Ok maybe not THAT dramatic of a change but you get the idea we're going for. [FYI: That quote was already there when I found the photo]

--LT & Cookie

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