Public Performance

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've decided to do a short series on my home town of San Francisco in response to the last entry. I didn't realize exactly how much I love the city until I left. It offers a certain flavor or vibe that I grew up in and is embedded into me. So part two is the sights of San Francisco that most people normally miss. Let me introduce you to Larry "Bucketman" Hunt:

This guy always brings a smile to my face when I am coming in or out of powell station. He seriously loves drumming and being able to entertain tourists walking by. The nearby stores don't really mind him since he brings shoppers to the area. His background and story is something that humbles me. Read the full story here. Apparently some nice guy also set up a myspace page for him too.

And now Fisherman's Wharf proudly- or not so proudly -presents the famous "Bushman". This fella is...well...he's......unique. Just watch the video and you can tell.

Honestly...there are no words for this guy. He spends his day scaring people...behind a fake bush. He's entertaining though - I'll give him that - and seems pretty harmless to me. To me he's just another unique character I enjoying seeing on the streets of San Fran. There's one last guy I want to mention that does not have a myspace page or some youtube video. His name is Billy, he sits just outside the Van Ness station on the corner near the #47/49 bus stop. In the four years I spent walking to the station from school this man has sat on that corner every day. And everyday I walked past him he'd be there giving passerbys a friendly "good morning" or "have a good evening". He's just some ordinary guy trying to make it in the world by spare change or leftovers. In my eyes these three individuals make up an image of the city I grew up in and the city I miss.

At the Corner of Bush and Obama

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

When I saw this I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. So someone or probably some group of people decided to change all the BUSH street signs to OBAMA. They went through the trouble of climbing up each post and perfectly covering the sign with a self made sticker. By the way this runs throughout the entire street, so its miles and miles of OBAMA. People in the city are unique even if this is breaking the law. Just another reason why I love the city by the bay. Thanks to cactusthesaint on Flickr for the photo.

Renovation and Facelift

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

As you might have noticed the blog has gone through a few changes over the winter season. After some deliberation, searching for a new layout, some tweaking here and there…behold! We proudly present our and improved blog! Why the change do you ask? Maybe it was the lack of things to do on a Friday afternoon or the wanting to be different from the other blogs online. Eh, who knows? Nevertheless, consider this a small act of standing out from the rest of the mass network of bloggers. Lastly, the writers of this proud blog are going to bring new a set of treats for a new year. What that is has yet to be figured out. Consider this change to be similar to this one:

Ok maybe not THAT dramatic of a change but you get the idea we're going for. [FYI: That quote was already there when I found the photo]

--LT & Cookie

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