Renovation and Facelift

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

As you might have noticed the blog has gone through a few changes over the winter season. After some deliberation, searching for a new layout, some tweaking here and there…behold! We proudly present our and improved blog! Why the change do you ask? Maybe it was the lack of things to do on a Friday afternoon or the wanting to be different from the other blogs online. Eh, who knows? Nevertheless, consider this a small act of standing out from the rest of the mass network of bloggers. Lastly, the writers of this proud blog are going to bring new a set of treats for a new year. What that is has yet to be figured out. Consider this change to be similar to this one:

Ok maybe not THAT dramatic of a change but you get the idea we're going for. [FYI: That quote was already there when I found the photo]

--LT & Cookie


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