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>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

Frisco, Chapter 3: One of the absolute best things about living in the city is the endless variety of food. From Downtown to the Avenues there's always some new restaurant to go to or a favorite joint to hit up. The best part is that I am not (and probably never will be) a picky eater. I usually try anything and everything at least once, food wise that is. (I am not sure if I can say the same for my co-writer.) Here's a few places that are tops for me:

Pearl's Deluxe Burgers: This place has some of the greatest specialty burgers I've ever tasted. The bleu cheese burger here is off the hook. The meat patties are nice and fatty, you get what you pay for. If you're feeling adventurous the buffalo meat is good too. All you can eat chilled pickles too!

Tommy's Joynt: I used to go to this place a lot during high school and the food has not changed at all. This is a great hangout place to watch a big game or kick back after a long day. It's cafeteria style so you can pick out whatever you like then pay at the register. High lights to this place are the dinner plate specials and the meat ball sandwhich. Ironically this place also has all you can eat pickles too. (One of my highschool friends liked A LOT)

Naan-N-Curry: This place firmly got me addicted to Indian flavors for a while. It was the first Indian food place I ever went to in my life. They now have multiple locations accross the city and a couple new dishes. The name speaks for itself, the naan and curry are all you need. The lamb curry here is always a must for me. That with a side of the free milk tea and naan and I am set. If you've never had Indian food you have to try this place.

Brothers Restaurant: Korean Barbecue like no other. Countless side dishes. Soups that you gotta sit down for. Bring mints and a change of clothes. Nuff said.

Old Mandarin Islam: You haven't had really good traditional hot pot till you've gone here. The name to this place is a little funny but the food is beyond words. Order up the regular soup base with lamb, beef, napa cabbage, and mushrooms. Get one of the giant pancakes with a plate of the green bean tofu while you wait for things to cook in the broth. Probably one of the best peanut sauces I've ever had in my mouth.

Emperor Palace Restaurant: The family has been going to this place for years. The owners and food style has changed over the years, but the portions are pretty consistent. You can't find a better place to get chinese food with a large group and still have green in your wallet. Also, the soups here will make you melt inside.


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