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>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little over a week ago we met some really nice guys from the San Francisco Giants. If you were at Britannia Arms in San Jose then you might have seen us. Take a look at what they were nice enough to do...

[San Francisco Giants Pitcher Sergio Romo]

[San Francisco Giants Pitcher Keiichi Yabu]

[San Francisco Giants Announcer Mike Krukow]

Many thanks to Romo, Yabu, and Krukow for taking the pictures. And special thanks to Sarah for convincing Krukow that our blog is legit. Go Giants!


trueazngangsta 2/18/09, 1:11 AM  

duuuudde..... that's tight. im gonna get some famous people for mine too. better watch out!

Leslie 2/18/09, 6:30 PM  

That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allyson 2/22/09, 12:10 AM  

haha that's so cool!

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