Amazing Does Happen

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Impossible. It's a unique word right next to never and unattainable. It gives off the connotation of no hope or chance even in a million years. However, when the amazing does happen, you're left in silence. Everything you know to be a fact or certainty is broken. There are no words to describe how you feel other than a hush. There have been many "amazing" moments in bay area sports such as...

However my friends there is no other moment like the one I am about to share. Yes sir, the impossible has happened. Our dear Alma Mater has made the impossible nothing. Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep has finally brought back the Bruce Mahoney Trophy to its rightful home. After a decade of shortcomings and the graduation of many classes including my own, it is done. Congrats to this years amazing basketball and baseball team for making this dream a reality. We are proud to say the writers of Lemon Tea and Cookies are both alums. Yes, indeed it is true, today is a glorious day for the Fighting Irish. WHO WE BE?!? SHC!!! I-R-I-S-H! IRISH!
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