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>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maybe it’s just me…wait…nope, definitely not just me. No way- it can’t be. OK maybe it’s a certain guy thing or depends on the person. But a nice pair of shoes is hard to keep your eyes off. The brand, the choices of colors, the design- it can speak silent words about the kind of person you are. It defines image, transcends human nature, and lets you strut and fret your hour upon stage until you’re heard no more. [Insert brand name here] Dang that’s advertisement worthy, I might just sell that one. Never the less, they’re nice to look at and sort of get you pumped up inside.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about that fancy foot wear stiletto string like thing ladies wear to parties. I am talking about feel good sneakers. One’s to have a slice of pizza and ice cold soda in. I am talking about one’s where some people pay an insane amount of money to own. Like this pair. Yes that is a real eBay auction and those shoes were sold to a living person. Priced for an out of this world amount and bought at the price of multiple college tuition. It’s simply unbelievable. That’s also the reason why I frown on people with dozens of shoes they don’t really need. It does hurt to think about how some companies produce their products. Shoes, kicks, footwear, it’s a complicated relationship. As for now, especially being a student, they’re just something nice to look at. Ending the exciting series, back to normal posts until we're inspired again.


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