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>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

4400. That's the number of students who are going to be turned away from our school. Four thousand and four hundred potential Spartans, (from what we know) more than any other California State University. Due to California's budget crisis San Jose State University has to turn away perfectly qualified students. Official's say this is a first in San Jose State's history for freshman applicants. Lucky for us current students the administration won't result to kicking anyone out. However they will be tacking on a extra $300 or so per semester. Sigh.

I must say this is a new experience for the writers of this blog. You see... we both attended the same private high school and before that other private institutions. In fact one of us never even set foot in a public school before attending college. (Yes, hard to believe, but oh so true.) Tuition or "money for an education" was something we never thought about. We both kind of figured that it would be taken care because our parents were dependable. Fast forward to the present, we have no money, credit, job, or real food. One of us is on complete loans and financial aid. The other one keeps track and charts every cent he spends on excel. Our idea of a vacation is taking public transit around town. The word "humbling" is hardly enough to describe how we feel.

Words of advice:
#1- It's never too early to start saving a few dollars.
#2- There's nothing wrong with being frugal, or if as MOST people say "cheap".
#3- (For the SJSU incoming freshmen) 4400 people would kill for your spot. Show them you earned it.


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