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>> Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exciting Things 2. It is without a doubt that college kids love their video games. We can’t get enough of them and can’t live without them. We might even wait in line for days or hours for certain releases. I can still remember my earliest video game memory of play duck hunt on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Fast forward to the future, lo and behold, modern gaming. It’s amazing to see what we’ve accomplished in such a short time. Thus we proudly bring a list of the video games we commonly see in the dorms (enjoy):

Smash Bros (all versions): It’s as if a childhood fantasy came true. What if all our favorite characters came together for a brawl? There’s nothing better than talking a little smack while smacking another guy’s character off the screen. The music soundtrack on this gets incredibly annoying very fast. “You C-sticker”

Madden (any year): He’s going, going, he just might…go…all…the…way…TOUCH DOWN! Yeah baby, yeah baby, [insert wail, scream, or roar]. How do you like that sucka?!?! You can’t touch this! This basically goes back and forth for hours on end. We never get tired of it unless the other guy is being a jerk and show boat.

Starcraft: Yes indeed, you better believe it, this game is still played on campus. It never gets old and will only be replaced by the highly anticipated sequel. What can be more fun than a late night/early morning eight person free for all? “Die Zerg, die, die die!”

Left 4 Dead: The recently released new roller to the playing field is this shoot’em up. A four-person team co-op style, this game is quite the zombie stress relief. For a week I heard nothing but gunshots coming out of people’s rooms. “Boomer, boomer! Oh no! Oh no!”

Halo (any version): Friend playing for the first time, she's a girl, other friend sitting next to her trying to teach--

Girl: “Where’s the rocket launcher? Wait who’s that? Ahh, stop, stop!”
[Guy is smacking girl's character with pistol]
Guy: Haha
[In panic girl shoots guy in head with shot gun]
Guy: What the ****!?!
Girl: “I killed someone?!? YAY!!”

Nuff Said, Game On


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