Who Watches the Watchmen?

>> Monday, March 2, 2009

Back from a break and we’re fired up in full force. We’re starting a series on things that excite us/college kids. You know…like that stuff that makes you want to get up in the morning. Or its the little extra something that makes your day. Or the stuff that makes you want to scream and shout while running through the streets in your hello kitty boxers because you’re so ridiculously stoked and can’t wait another living second? Like such…

It has come. After many days of torment. One of the most celebrated graphic novels of our time. Made by the highly acclaimed duo of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. One of Time Magazine’s 100 best novels. Winner of the Hugo Award. Hailed as “brilliant” and “groundbreaking”. On March 6th all we know will change. The Watchmen have arrived.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie I was amazed that it was a comic book. (Not to mention the music in the trailer was beyond words) My co-writer and I picked up a copy and read it cover to cover. I soaked in every detailed image and studied the writing. It’s the most original and unique comic book story I’ve read to date. We both agree that its well written for a comic book and worth going to the midnight screening. (Nearly 3 hours of cinematic fun here we come!) How highly anticipated is it you say? Some guy bought sold out IMAX tickets for a midnight screening for $100. It speaks for itself.

Watch the trailer then watch the movie then watch the novel…I mean READ the novel. Watchmen!


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