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>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

We are proud to announce our winners for the College experience contest. After many hours of reading and debating we came to a decision. Due to certain circumstances and conditions we are only rewarding the top two entries. We felt these two spoke out the most, congratulations to...

Grand Prize: Courtney, CA
Runner Up: Evalyn, CA

Winning Entry

My high school and college experiences have been wildly different from each other. In high school, everyone was extremely cliquey. Everyone fit into some genre, and stuck to only people of their own genre. For example, people in band only hung out with people in band, ROTC kids only hung out with other ROTC kids, etc. This is not necessarily a bad thing. People like to feel like they belong somewhere, and that they have people there who they can always talk to. As a solution, they decide to be friends with those who share common interests with them. That sounds reasonable, right? If you are friends with people who share the same interest as you, then you have much more to talk about. There is nothing wrong with being in groups, but in high school, we tend to cling to our groups too much. These cliques are all conditioned to think exactly alike, and therefore we fail to find our own unique identity. In college, there are still groups, but we don’t cling to them; we interact with all sorts of people. In doing this, we are taking in all sorts of different opinions, and starting to come up with our own opinions. Now, as I am figuring out my own identity, I have started to come up with my own view of the world, and not someone else’s.

Thank you for all those who participated. We’ll bring back regular posting soon enough.


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