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>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

Typical afternoon of studying…

  • Guy across from me watching movie or TV show on lap top, headphones on. Keeps sniffing from the snot and mucus in his nose. Makes me want to jam a tissue up his sinus. 10 minutes later I get up.
  • Girl on laptop. Maybe she’s working on a…nope. Her breathing sounds like a panting St. Bernard. 15 minutes later I move again.
  • Two girls behind me reading. Finally I get some peace and quiet. I pull out my books and bam! Wrong spot again, they start giggling about some boy. (Sadly not me. It’s some boss on Facebook.) Two more friends come over and chat up a storm. I am up and walk to the other side of the floor.
  • Some guy typing away on his computer. I am hesitant but decide to sit in the cubicle next to him. He’s video chatting with a special someone and puts on headphones to be respectful. The most I hear out of him is a small chuckle. I can live with it.
  • 4 hours later I’ve done a good amount of writing and studying, the guy next to me finishes too. He apologizes for being a little noisy; his girl friend goes to school out of state. I say no problem at all.
Why can’t more people be like this guy? Sigh.


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