Summer Travels - Part One

>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here's more on where we've been the past month or so. First stop for our travels this summer is Catalina Island. It's a quiet little place located right off the coast of Los Angeles, California. This is the crazy trip on how to get there:

First we start with 5-6 hours driving in a car. Departure time was around 6 AM if I recall correctly.

Arrive at the port of Los Angeles around 2 in the afternoon. We hop on this bad boy for a 30-45 min ferry ride, luckily I don't get sea sick.

We reach the "island" late in the afternoon only to take another boat to where we're staying. Another 15-20 minutes. (Looks like something out of LOST.)

An entire day of traveling and suddenly it seems completely worth it. No television, internet, or cell phone reception. No worries of life.

Our little piece of paradise.


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