Summer Travels - Part Three

>> Sunday, June 14, 2009

Decided to go on a spontaneous road trip last week up to UC Davis. It's not my first time visiting the school, but man is this place spread out. It is most definitely not close to the same as San Jose State. Here's a short summary of Davis wanderings:

Drove up in the afternoon and went over to friend's house. Dropped him off for final and walked around downtown Davis. Grabbed some dinner and walked into this quiet little place. Friends got some gelato while I admired this lovely window sill.

Hopped in the car and tried to find my friend in this crazy place. Tons and tons of people still studying for finals and I've been out for weeks. Suckers. I love my school year schedule.

Eventually found my friend in this mess. I was burning up just from walking around for 5 minutes. This place needs to work on its ventilation cause someone could die in here. Said my hellos and wished them the best of luck in their studies.

What's there to do in Davis at the stroke of midnight? That's right, grill up this bad boy! Salt, Pepper, and flame kissed. Best cheap piece of meat I ever bought. Perfect way to end the night.


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