Summer Travels - Part Two

>> Thursday, June 11, 2009

Next stop on our adventures is the quiet town of Monterey, California. I decided to visit a few friends and go for a walk out of the blue. When asked if I'd live there I said it would be a nice place to retire. It's a calm place on the edge of no where that offers a sense of peace. Not to mention it's also very beautiful and has more than just an aquarium. Here's where we went:

The sand on Monterey beach is way different from the ones in San Francisco or Santa Cruz. It's incredibly finer, softer, and way cleaner. Reminded me of walking on styrofoam.

Made our way down to the pier with just enough light left to take this picture. Sampled a bunch of different clam chowders till we found a winner. The bread bowls are not quite as good as San Francisco but a good contender.

After bread bowls we waddled around some more and found these silly things in a candy shop. This one was my favorite, but I don't think I could eat it.

Flowers growing on the side of the pier. It covered almost a whole wall.

Monterey; definitely a place I wouldn't mind visiting again.


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