Summer Travels - Part Seven

>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Gilroy Garlic Festival. One of a kind experience I must admit and I am not just talking about the garlic flavored ice cream. (Which might I say is actually amazingly tasty considering it's garlic.) The food, the people, the music, the culture...dang like no other.

The temperature on this day was in the upper 90s and hit 100 during midday. So you figure any one with half a brain would stay in the shade or walk toward the cooler areas. However, being the idiot I am, sat in the blazing rays of that furnace in the sky to wait for this guy. In case you don't know it's Fabio Viviani, Top Chef Season 5 fan favorite contestant. After seeing his demo...not that great of a cook.

Me - "Man it's freaking hot out here"
Friend - "Can you go stand by the hot garlic thing and take a picture for me"
Me - grumble grumble

Nothing better than some garlic shrimp made by a lady adding too much alcohol to the pan. Or at least I think that's a lady...maybe it's a man without eyebrows...


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