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>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

The friend that’s more than a friend.

Deny it all you want but there’s always that one guy or girl who’s extra special to you. It can happen in a brief moment or over a long extended period. Maybe you always had something and neither of you had the courage to explore it. Maybe one of you was just too scared. Or perhaps you over think things, you were wrong, and you placed your heart into something that wasn’t meant to be.

On the contrary, there’s the situation of being correct. Yes, it does exist and happens in the real world. The lucky boy or girl gets thrown into a new situation proving just how tough they can be. It’s a weird transition because you move from only thinking about someone one way to…liking them. That really good friend you love hanging out with starts making you giddy inside.

The next impossible undertaking would be whether or not the other person feels the same way. This comes in the form of acting couple-y, flirting, joking, touching, what have you. If you are both part of a larger group of friends it generally makes things even worse. Don’t argue; it’s always worse because friends will be just as awkward or poke fun. It’s even worse when it’s a guy because girls will generally tease more than guys. Neither of you means to do it, it just happens.

Then you tell him or her. Straight up is preferable, all that extra planning and making it special is too much. It’s easy when both parties feel the same way. But the hardest part, arguably, is how you both break it to your mutual friends. No we’re not lying to you seeing as how they have to- unexpectedly- change their opinions abruptly on you both, and you both as one.

This step has to happen to be taken seriously by the people you want the most reassurance from. Otherwise, all you two will be is two friends who tried to become a couple, but never had the chance due to no guidance from friends. Frankly everyone needs help in their relationship endeavors, despite how well you think you can go about it alone.


Anonymous,  10/11/09, 1:57 AM  

good hearing from you! i also don't believe that guys and girls can genuinely be best friends, haha.

ito 11/18/09, 12:55 PM  

hi tim! i read this. =p

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