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>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bus stop; City Central; Typical Saturday afternoon.

Standing in the crisp autumn wind I listen to my tunes silently daydreaming away. The skies are a native grey with just the slightest hint of sun peeking through. Out of the corner of my eye the bus comes puffing its way along the street. (Honking and tooting all along the way) I board and take a seat pulling off my ear phones to read a magazine. A pack of middle school kids pass by to take a seat in the back.

“You hella ****** up, you fat *** *****!”

I briefly glance up from my article to find a young man no older than twelve years of age mouthing off to his companions. By the looks of it he’s an average school boy with a backpack like any other student. It’s then that I wonder if I spoke like that at his age. I grew up with the unspoken rule of no foul language allowed. I was taught that that sort of language was meant for the ignorant and those with ill vocabulary. Only people who fail at articulating themselves with other words speak in such a way.

In our modern world swearing and cussing in general is so easy accepted. People seem to be so numb with the words flowing out of their mouths. It’s disheartening to see younger individuals, namely children and middle school kids, talking with the attitude. I am sure on some level they just want to impress their friends and be a total showoff. But where has the innocence gone? Are we really living in a society that deems this as acceptable?

For the time being all I can do is frown and shake my head in disapproval. I do hope that little changes in people’s choice of words leave lasting impressions. Today I’ll start by leading by example and see what tomorrow yields.


Evalynn 10/26/09, 6:11 PM  

I don't swear Tim aren't you proud

culpepperrules 10/26/09, 6:17 PM  

I swear Tim and I have a great vocabulary

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