Dating and Relationships: 002

>> Monday, November 30, 2009

One at a Time

One cookie at a time, just like one relationship at a time. One lady or one man. It means one significant other holds your focus as long as you're still with them. It states that you're off the market, no rain checks or disputes. No fighting, kicking, or screaming since the ads have it in print. It is quite possibly one of the last remaining morals still held in high regard.

Some might argue: "You have two why not two cookies?" Well that might be true to some extent. Two cookies are better than one. (Two of anything really...most of the time.) But the fact is you only have one mouth. Try it as hard as you want but two cookies aren't going to fit in there. Even if you manage to jam them in the experience is completely different. You can only give so much of yourself to another person.

Truth be told, the one at a time rule makes the entire cookie all the better. Each cookie that you try out is a search for the best. We learn to develop preferences and understand what we like and look for in a cookie. Some people enjoy chocolate while others want nuts. Some like crispy and some like soft. Every passing relationship makes a person all the more better. Each failed relationship is one step closer towards finding the right person.


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