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>> Friday, December 4, 2009

California Higher Education

Thirty two percent. Two thousand five hundred dollars. Multiple arrests and protests. It's a reality boys and girls. The University of California will be raising its tuition next year. It all started in the junior colleges, worked its way up to the state schools, and is now knocking on the doors of the UC system. Few words can express the emotions of such actions other than "I told you so". At least those were the thoughts communicated by local faculty and staff.

It would appear as if the best of times have long gone, and the worst of times have made their presence known. Now it is clear and without doubt that the value of education has declined. No longer does the state of California care to invest in its future. Our original intent of creating a university system like no other is but a memory. The desire was for innovation beyond imagination. Instead students and professors alike are dust.

Who are the first to suffer? Students. Why? They don't give a dam about politics. (Personally and honestly I know I don't half the time.) The depressing statistic stands true as much as people don't believe it. Students get the hit first because generally they won't do anything. Funny thing is the proud governor of CA claimed he would never cut education funding during his campaign for office. Fast forward to now- slap me sideways cause this must be a dream. This isn't some annoying soap box cry, it's an eye opener.

The Hope: Break the statistics. End the stereotypes. Mail the man.

Pursue that higher education because it won't pursue you. Nuff said.


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