Dating and Relationships: 003

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Friends

Don't deny it, everyone has one, and you still think about them. You can't quite put your finger on it no matter how hard you might try. It's that certain guy or gal you keep in the back of your mind. You know that one person you can never remember any bad memories about? (Or just choose not to and instead see nothing but the best in them.) Yeah you know the one who always seemed to be there when you needed them the most. Always around just to chat or joke around. When you had to tell someone something important so it wouldn't consume you, he or she listened. They never expressed any judgment other than a few thoughtful words and insight.

She's the one you talk to about not being able to get a single good date. He's the one you rant to about your relationship problems with Mr. Prefect. They understand you on a certain level "most people" don't. It was unspoken and agreed upon that you two are just friends. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. The fact is she's already taken; he's another girl's man. She doesn't think of you that way; he doesn't want to complicate your relationship. The risk isn't worth it. And so, like many things people let it slip away. You do your thing and they live their own life.

As a result the inevitable happens. Some course of life (graduation, relocation, etc) happens and contact with that person breaks down. This is not by choice, but it is by fate. Perhaps that's why we find ourselves daydreaming about these pivotal people in our lives. It's because they shape us the most even though it's goes unnoticed. Thus we reflect on a different time separating ourselves from current troubles. Memories of lessons on phone conversations. Explaining the concept of actual flirting. Debating why you two aren't together.

Creative Arts: 001

>> Saturday, February 20, 2010

“Best of times, worst of times”

It was a day for extraordinary, it was the routine of ordinary. He stood at the corner of Market and Powell; she wandered to the end of 20th and Shotwell. He reached of the Sports Illustrated, she grabbed the Cosmo. She asked him for coffee, he asked her for dinner. It was fate, destiny, and all that other fortune junk. It was an honest mistake, honestly. It was forever and always; it felt like a one night stand. He stood on the hills of reality; she wallowed in the valleys of duality. It was forgotten, forsaken, mistaken. It was taken, forgiven, and a bit of heaven. Her name was April…wait it was Courtney…or was it Mary? His name was Jerry, just Jerry…

Singles Awareness Day

>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yes its that time of year, everywhere you look all the couples are all riding on cloud nine. The day when folks are generally happier or a little more moody than usual. It's that random day in February that makes no sense if you think about it. I mean seriously, who decided to put valentines day in the shortest month of the year? But hey, it's a good excuse to do something special for that someone special you care about. Or in many cases, forgetting to do something special and pulling some favors at the last minute.

So for all the husbands and gentlemen out there that must endure this day, I salute you. You brave lads must endure and work through the most ridiculous situations. The desperation contemplation and stress of finding the perfect present. Dishing out what precious savings acquired for a night on the town. But by the end of the day it won't matter, you have your lady, and that alone is worth enough. Sorry to all the ladies out there, we can't relate since...well...lets face it we're not women and we don't know how they think. Though we do like to try here and there.

For the singles. The young stags. The lone rangers. The independent folks. This day is what you make of it. It can be a reminder of past heart break or a celebration of not being tied down. Enjoy the single life for as long as it lasts. But of course, it's also the lunar new year so it pays to be single and Asian. =)

The Calm Before the Storm

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

It’s probably the best part about being in college. You get to spend hours still doing the things you enjoy. You get time to hit the gym in the hopes of staying healthy or in the attempt of getting ripped. There’s enough of downtime to cook meals that don’t consist or involve the words, “instant” or “artificial”. You have the ability to talk to people and meet up for an afternoon- then probably not see them again for the rest of the semester. It’s the period of time where going through college seems survivable. That the course load, part time job, papers, and projects don’t matter. (Well till you cram them into next week that is.) But for now, we’re just trying to enjoy this phase known as the best years of your life. Enjoy it while it lasts.

A Look at the Giants Off Season

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

The San Francisco Giants began their offseason with a lot of hope for helping the 2009 team that won 88 games. The team and, more importantly, the fans hoped to make the few necessary moves this winter to make the Giants into the playoff contender we all want. Some fans clamored for a huge signing of a bat to instantly make the offense better. Others went to the message boards screaming for the team not to trade away the future and to just sign 2 or 3 complementary pieces to make the whole team better. The rest of us stayed home and either whispered amongst themselves for the organization to not make any moves and just keep giving young guys their chance to play, or quietly gave up when, months into the offseason, the team had yet to make a personnel move.

However, the team has, over the last couple weeks, begun to finally take shape with some new acquisitions that bolster their 2010 dreams of a postseason berth. Signing Mark DeRosa and Aubrey Huff, and resigning Juan Uribe and Freddy Sanchez will help an offense that was one of the worst in baseball last year. Though, of all the roster and personnel moves the Giants have gone through this offseason, it was the promotion of hitting coach Hensley Meulens to the major league staff that will bring the biggest change. In Triple-A last year, Meulens helped a number of younger players learn hit to contact and bat to all fields. This was evidenced by the rapid improvement of John Bowker (.347 BA), Jesus Guzman (.321 BA), and Buster Posey (.321). He is also credited with the rapid ascension of Eugenio Velez from occasional role player to a key figure on the Giants down the stretch, after Velez was sent down to Triple-A for lack of a consistent approach in the Majors. The Giant’s problem is not talent; it is in fact just a lack of consistent approach. A new hitting coach, coupled with a new personnel influx should bring new success to the Giants season.

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