Singles Awareness Day

>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yes its that time of year, everywhere you look all the couples are all riding on cloud nine. The day when folks are generally happier or a little more moody than usual. It's that random day in February that makes no sense if you think about it. I mean seriously, who decided to put valentines day in the shortest month of the year? But hey, it's a good excuse to do something special for that someone special you care about. Or in many cases, forgetting to do something special and pulling some favors at the last minute.

So for all the husbands and gentlemen out there that must endure this day, I salute you. You brave lads must endure and work through the most ridiculous situations. The desperation contemplation and stress of finding the perfect present. Dishing out what precious savings acquired for a night on the town. But by the end of the day it won't matter, you have your lady, and that alone is worth enough. Sorry to all the ladies out there, we can't relate since...well...lets face it we're not women and we don't know how they think. Though we do like to try here and there.

For the singles. The young stags. The lone rangers. The independent folks. This day is what you make of it. It can be a reminder of past heart break or a celebration of not being tied down. Enjoy the single life for as long as it lasts. But of course, it's also the lunar new year so it pays to be single and Asian. =)


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