Dating and Relationships: 004

>> Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Signs. This topic spurs from a little game I used to play with friends in large crowds. It’s basically the “call out the couple” game. We spot two individuals anywhere in proximity of our stakeout. Usually it’ll be over a takeout lunch on a park bench, and with some luck it’ll be a sunny day. Now bear in mind I am a bit of a seasoned veteran and this game does require an amount of skills. Here are a few of my eagle eye secretes:

Hand Holding: A classic tell for lovers, but also a misleading throw off for good friends. Probably most famous through the Beatles’ song, “I want to hold your hand”. This one is like a combo factor. Combine it with any of the others and it’s almost a sure thing that the two are a couple.

Arm over the shoulder: If they’re that close and comfortable it’s in the bag. Unless they’re friends in denial or posing for a picture, then they’re a couple. This can be accompanied by a gentle rest of the head on the shoulder. Or some may notice the subtlety of the shoulders moving together to achieve maximum closeness.

Hand in the back butt pocket: Confirmed. Don’t even have to question this one unless they’re friends with benefits. But that’s for another discussion.

Hand rest (aka love tap): This one is a little hard to tell when people are walking by quickly. It might seem like a nudge or playful punch. But don’t let its misguiding nature deceive you. Usually it’s preceded or followed by a laugh or giggling from one or both parties.

Stupidity Factor: This is more like an underlying feature. People in love will usually do stupid things making them easier to spot out. They run into each other or other people because they’re locking eyes. They trip and stumble because just the sheer beauty of the other makes their knees weak. But it doesn’t matter when you look hard enough because they’re with each other. Fools in love.


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