The No Show

>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

Man I hate this guy...or gal. You know him or her too. They might even seem to be the greatest person in the whole world at times. But in this moment of disappointment you realize they're only human. (And you are too.) You drag your lazy butt all the way back home, or in my case the computer lab. Turn on that rusted work of metal you call a computer. Sign into the email account. "Class canceled. I had a huge emergency this morning. Sorry. See you next week." Thus he becomes the fly in your food in letdowns for the day.

Initially it feels like a waste of time. In the long run a waste of money. Overall, a sense of injustice and the emotion of getting scammed for hard earned green backs. The only upside would be the extra hour and forty-five minutes you'll have in the day. But that sense of euphoria only lasts for a matter of minutes.

The only one more disappointing than this is probably the classic stand up. This one can be worse depending on the situation. I have a feeling it's probably harder on the girls. They go through the trouble of getting all pretty for this mystery man. Generally, they contemplate more on what they'll wear with what and in what combination. It grows to be a high anticipation for the busy work day. Then, unexpectedly, the climax of the story turns out to be a sour one. If they're lucky the other person will call. The unfortunate inverse is quietly waiting at a table for two, then eventually leaving for home.

Yes my friends it is quite disappointing in both situations. What's the lesson here you ask? Well, it's been a bit of a reoccurring theme in the collection of writings you read here. Two things. (1) Bad stuff happens, its life, roll with it, and learn from it. (2) Be careful with your promises and obligations. The worse part about making a promise is not being able to keep it. As for now, hopefully the next one isn't canceled. Otherwise, nap time!


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