Single-lens Reflex Camera

>> Friday, March 5, 2010

It’s without doubt that there’s been a recent rise in the sales and hype over SLR cameras. Yes, they are highly expensive and you generally get what you pay for. Yes, they provide a better and more accurate image of what you’re capturing. Yes, everyone does seem to have one nowadays making it the latest trend. No, just because you have a SLR camera (and toss lots of money into buying one) does not mean you know how to take good pictures.

Photography is not about the equipment. Sure you might, and I highly emphasis the word might, be able to take a sharper image. But unless you actually know what you’re doing with the camera itself, you just wasted a large portion of your savings. Amazing pictures can still be accomplished even on the most basic point and shoot cameras.

A camera teaches you how to see without a camera. Good photographers have an eye for seeing something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Relying on post editors and changing the colors around to make them look all artsy fartsy seems lazy. By the way, this is coming from someone that’s color blind and physically can’t color correct on Photoshop. (And apparently I can’t fly planes either, but I can live with that.)

The Steve McCurrys and Ansel Adams of photography became titans because they knew how to use their gear. For the most part they, along with many others, are normal people. However, they have the ability to memorialize even the most every day type of events. Good art takes practice and concentration. They were curious, determined, and evolved internally and externally. That’s what makes a good photographer. Go suck on that SLR fan boys.


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