The Power of Intention is Expansive

>> Saturday, April 24, 2010

It is without doubt that I have come across some talented and gifted individuals in my lifetime. Not only do I witness them in my academic career, but outside of the classroom as well. They seem to be so beyond the social normal of separating the possible from impossible. Something I’ve noticed in each one is an indistinct quality to the naked eye. If I had to describe it, each one I’ve noticed has an unexplainable determination.

It’s as if someone told them they couldn’t do something, and now they push themselves with unparallel will and desire. Most of the time I find myself either filled with a deep jealousy or indescribable awe. Perhaps it’s our own self doubt that leads us to disbelieve in the abilities and powers of others. Whether it’s the physical endurance from running on the sands of Kona, or the prestige of graduating summa cum laude; we don’t want to believe it because we can’t believe it.

What we fail to recognize is the lesson learned from this infectious state of mind. Those words of being called arrogant, weak, old, stupid, or broken are fuel to the inspired. Though the weight is often heavy and usually daunting, it is never impossible. Adidas described it best with their slogan of “impossible is nothing”. Impossible is but a state of mind that can turn something from intangible to material.

My hope is that I’ll have the pleasure to come across more of these individuals in my lifetime. They are the ones who invigorate me during times of feeling in atrophied. Moreover, their drive and spirit are a force that uncontrollably exudes into others. They strive so hard to radiate their best that people around them desire to be better.

Notes for Facebook Craziness

>> Saturday, April 17, 2010

It seems like the current trend (right next to fixed gear bikes and SLR digital cameras) would be the Facebook bandwagon. Everyone from parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, employers, and even pastors are joining the craze. It’s become the new standard of social networking, but it’s yet to make any real profit.

What started out as a college project has truly evolved into an addiction for some individuals. Yes, it’s nice to check in on how friends are doing and continue keeping in touch. But do we really need to put ourselves out on the internet in order to stay in contact? What happened to letters and phone calls? It feels as if a large chunk of personal touch is lost in the process.

Our generation of aspiring young individuals have become an “I” generation. Not just in our ipods or ipads, but in self promotion. The whole concept behind Facebook and other social networks is the profile page. We unknowingly try to center the world around ourselves by posting our pictures, statuses, and thoughts. (I supposed this blog would be guilty as well. =).) One can go as far to say that we need the affirmation of others in the form of comments and wall posts.

Furthermore, it’s rather scary to imagine the amount of power one website exhibits. Facebook sits right under its other super friend- Google. Combined the two would basically control every major medium on the internet. Not to mention Facebook turned down Google’s proposal for a purchase. One can only hope that Google’s intentions continue to be in the interest of their users. What’s more is, with any luck, the internet will cater products with the next generation in mind. For now, we’ll be logging in and flipping through pictures, videos, and updates.

If you think young, you will remain young

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

There’s that moment where it hits. When you realize exactly how many years of age you truly are. Sometimes it happens when you slow your pen while filling out a form. Or perhaps the moment is in the new found ability to drive, smoke, or drink. Never the less, it is a sign of time passing at an uncontrollable rate.

At a young age it was hard to ever imagine growing up and being in college. It seems unbelievable that I live away from home. I prepare my own meals, wash my own clothes, and do everyday tasks I used to be so reliant on others. Memories of being a child are slowly fading and even now it’s hard to picture the next ten to twenty years.

Regardless, age is still but a number and some things never change. Even now most college kids enjoy playing games connected to their youth. They might be modified here or there, but the rules and concept remain the same. Both children and adults continue to cry or complain, especially over the little things. We laugh over the most ridiculous things from purple dancing dragons to dogs on skateboards.

Maybe time doesn’t change people so much after all. In fact, time might all just be an illusion of one’s self. Well, that’s something for you to ponder about since I clearly don’t have the answer. Let me know if you ever figure it out cause it’ll probably make a great book.

Lynn-Kai in Magazine

>> Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our amazing photographer buddy Lynn-Kai is in the running to be published in magazine. Lynn is a very talented individual that we came across through a friend of a friend. We've been following his work for a few years now and watching him develop his style. If you haven't checked out his stuff yet pop on by his website.

If you love his work like we do, you can VOTE for him here, under Justin and Vicky's wedding. Don't forget to rate the set too!

Thanks Ladies and Gents!

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