If you think young, you will remain young

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

There’s that moment where it hits. When you realize exactly how many years of age you truly are. Sometimes it happens when you slow your pen while filling out a form. Or perhaps the moment is in the new found ability to drive, smoke, or drink. Never the less, it is a sign of time passing at an uncontrollable rate.

At a young age it was hard to ever imagine growing up and being in college. It seems unbelievable that I live away from home. I prepare my own meals, wash my own clothes, and do everyday tasks I used to be so reliant on others. Memories of being a child are slowly fading and even now it’s hard to picture the next ten to twenty years.

Regardless, age is still but a number and some things never change. Even now most college kids enjoy playing games connected to their youth. They might be modified here or there, but the rules and concept remain the same. Both children and adults continue to cry or complain, especially over the little things. We laugh over the most ridiculous things from purple dancing dragons to dogs on skateboards.

Maybe time doesn’t change people so much after all. In fact, time might all just be an illusion of one’s self. Well, that’s something for you to ponder about since I clearly don’t have the answer. Let me know if you ever figure it out cause it’ll probably make a great book.


myundiary 4/15/10, 6:25 PM  

That is a great concept, thinking young, you will remain you. I just turned 30 last November and I felt my age overnight. The older you get the more problems. I might just try this philosophy. Maybe if I start acting like I'm 21 again, life wouldn't be so darn complicated.

Great post!

nothing profound 4/16/10, 9:08 AM  

On this one, I have to agree with Gertrude Stein: "We are always the same age inside." We can enjoy life no matter what age we are, provided we pay attention to the moment.

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