Notes for Facebook Craziness

>> Saturday, April 17, 2010

It seems like the current trend (right next to fixed gear bikes and SLR digital cameras) would be the Facebook bandwagon. Everyone from parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, employers, and even pastors are joining the craze. It’s become the new standard of social networking, but it’s yet to make any real profit.

What started out as a college project has truly evolved into an addiction for some individuals. Yes, it’s nice to check in on how friends are doing and continue keeping in touch. But do we really need to put ourselves out on the internet in order to stay in contact? What happened to letters and phone calls? It feels as if a large chunk of personal touch is lost in the process.

Our generation of aspiring young individuals have become an “I” generation. Not just in our ipods or ipads, but in self promotion. The whole concept behind Facebook and other social networks is the profile page. We unknowingly try to center the world around ourselves by posting our pictures, statuses, and thoughts. (I supposed this blog would be guilty as well. =).) One can go as far to say that we need the affirmation of others in the form of comments and wall posts.

Furthermore, it’s rather scary to imagine the amount of power one website exhibits. Facebook sits right under its other super friend- Google. Combined the two would basically control every major medium on the internet. Not to mention Facebook turned down Google’s proposal for a purchase. One can only hope that Google’s intentions continue to be in the interest of their users. What’s more is, with any luck, the internet will cater products with the next generation in mind. For now, we’ll be logging in and flipping through pictures, videos, and updates.


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