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>> Saturday, May 22, 2010

People ask me once in a while why we don’t write about food often if ever. Two reasons generally come straight to mind. My co-writer has a narrow range for the food he is willing to eat let alone try. I would call him my work in progress with the combined efforts of his girlfriend. The second reason would be that it’s almost too normal. I love eating good food, but everyone already writes about it. The competition in food blogging is on an entirely different level when compared to the rest of the blogosphere.

A sub-reason would be that I don’t have the necessary tools for a food blog. I don’t have the funny sounding accent or clean white coat. I don’t have the hundred dollar knives made specifically for lefties. I don’t have the private air plane to take me across the world to try new dishes. I am not even financially able to own a quality digital camera on my college budget. (Not to mention my physical handicap of being color blind thus leading to the inability to color correct on Photoshop. Not fun at all.)

Nevertheless I’ve decided to put aside these facts and take a stab at writing about food. I’ll admit right off the bat that I don’t know everything. However, compared to the average Joe I can cook up a decent meal, and have the sense of what good food really is. It’s definitely going to be a little different from here on out. Perhaps with a winsome attitude and a few fresh ingredients I might hit a stroke of luck. Readers prepare, we are now entering the foodie posts. In the words of a good friend, brace yourself for sheer awesomeness.

Side note: It didn’t occur to me until just now, but one would assume this is a food blog considering the title.


>> Saturday, May 15, 2010

I tell you, don’t ever grow up or else you’ll have to handle your own bills. Cell phone bills are such a pain to deal with. I was transferring the numbers from my old phone to my new phone one afternoon. It was until the actual process that I realized, “Man…how many of these people do I still talk to?” Some were easy candidates for removal: my old boss, pizza joint that closed down, partner from a class two semesters ago, etc.

Then there were the people I rarely see, but I still happen to keep their numbers. It got me thinking of these people in general and the time I had spent invested into them. There was a time when I once needed their number because they appeared so regularly in my life. It leads to the question: “what happened from that time to now?” Don’t get me wrong, I still care about these folks who have impacted my life. Though I don’t see many of them anymore I bother to keep their numbers as a reminder of that relationship. It’s also probably the reason why I’ll randomly call or text people every so often. I enjoy letting them know that I still care about them even if they’re not around. That I’ll take a few seconds out of my day to update them about whatever random thoughts come to mind. Instead of rather throwing up a random tweet of status update, I made the effort to specifically pick them out of all my contacts. The best part being they can respond to or read the message whenever they want. I don’t feel guilty bothering them during the mess of their busy schedules.

In fact it staggers me to think about the remarkable changes in communication. Sending messages have gone from taking months and weeks to a matter of seconds. Yet at times we don’t even talk to the people we share a living space with. In this mobile age of generation “I” and self promotion, one has to question if we’re really growing apart. I am sure there’s someone out there that begs to differ with the amount of globalization in the world. Not to mention the ever rising power of technology should really be bringing us together. Well that’s something to chew on for you all.

One Sided

>> Saturday, May 8, 2010

Newton’s Third Law of Motion states: every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Years after his death this genius of a man could not be any more correct. Life in itself desires to balanced out and find stability. But life doesn’t always would out that way contrary to our plans. Coming towards the end of my second year in college I’ve come to notice an imbalance on several fronts:

(1)    No one ever really knows what they want to do in life. Most people choose what feels right and end up sticking with it. This is generally because it’s something they’re good at despite not completely enjoying it.
(2)    Relationships with old friends sometimes develop one way communication lines. It’s not that the other person doesn’t care, it’s because they’re separated now. One of the two parties puts more effort into keeping in contact. In turn, that same person is the one who ends up getting hurt.
(3)    People date each other for the most random reasons in the world. Sometimes its entertaining how one person will rule the relationship or in how opposites attract. Other times its just plain depressing and unhealthy.
(4)    For the new incoming freshman: the people who go to college and the ones who finish college become defined very quickly. You can only be one or the other.
(5)    Some people study all the time and fail. Some people don’t study at all and pass. Why? I have no clue. That’s just life.

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