>> Saturday, May 15, 2010

I tell you, don’t ever grow up or else you’ll have to handle your own bills. Cell phone bills are such a pain to deal with. I was transferring the numbers from my old phone to my new phone one afternoon. It was until the actual process that I realized, “Man…how many of these people do I still talk to?” Some were easy candidates for removal: my old boss, pizza joint that closed down, partner from a class two semesters ago, etc.

Then there were the people I rarely see, but I still happen to keep their numbers. It got me thinking of these people in general and the time I had spent invested into them. There was a time when I once needed their number because they appeared so regularly in my life. It leads to the question: “what happened from that time to now?” Don’t get me wrong, I still care about these folks who have impacted my life. Though I don’t see many of them anymore I bother to keep their numbers as a reminder of that relationship. It’s also probably the reason why I’ll randomly call or text people every so often. I enjoy letting them know that I still care about them even if they’re not around. That I’ll take a few seconds out of my day to update them about whatever random thoughts come to mind. Instead of rather throwing up a random tweet of status update, I made the effort to specifically pick them out of all my contacts. The best part being they can respond to or read the message whenever they want. I don’t feel guilty bothering them during the mess of their busy schedules.

In fact it staggers me to think about the remarkable changes in communication. Sending messages have gone from taking months and weeks to a matter of seconds. Yet at times we don’t even talk to the people we share a living space with. In this mobile age of generation “I” and self promotion, one has to question if we’re really growing apart. I am sure there’s someone out there that begs to differ with the amount of globalization in the world. Not to mention the ever rising power of technology should really be bringing us together. Well that’s something to chew on for you all.


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