Birth of a Foodie

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

The best by far; without doubt I am from a city of foodies that specializes in each and every cuisine. Go into any San Francisco restaurant and you’re bound to find something unique and different. This is a city that caters a menu unlike any other in the world. I very much do believe that by growing up in this town I was truly able to appreciate food. Not just the fact of being blessed by having a meal on the table every night. But also the ability to have such a wide variety ready at my finger tips. Food was and continues to be such a cultural cross in understanding different backgrounds. It was through the city that I formed the following principles:

-Rice is not just a staple for the world. It’s a staple source of food for me too. Call it anal or even blame it on my Asian upbringing. But not having rice on a regular basis is like not having Christmas once every year.

-Life is not just comprised of supermarket bread. We’ve got everything from buns to rolls to loaves to baguettes. They’re cooked in ovens, steaming racks, and other contraptions I can’t pronounce. And if you’re an old timer in the city: French bread = Sourdough. Clam chowder + bread bowl = Genius

-Everyone does it differently. Thinking outside the box of normal and breaking barriers will set new menus and trends. People who dared to be bold and test the rules invented things like California rolls, barbecue chicken pizza, deep fried twinkies, and of course garlic fries.

-Soup is not just soup. Soup is not just that bowl filled with liquid by the side of your entrée plate. Soup can be a meal. Soup is a carefully crafted explosive combination of sheer perfection. It is made with a love and fills the soul with fuel.

-Simple, fresh, clean- the basics. Sometimes the best food doesn’t need to be extravagant. Simple ingredients tend to make the best tag teams of dishes. Sometimes quality trumps quantity.

-There is no “best”. There are really good cooks and very good restaurants. But there can never be a king of the hill. Food is a never ending marathon. It is a constant search for who can make it better.

-Anytime is the best time. How about hot cup of tea in the middle of summer? Sure. Frozen yogurt on a chilly rainy afternoon? Why not? There are no rules on when to eat that certain something you’re craving.

**Well I must say it feels good to be hitting the key board again after a week or so off. Well here it comes, the start of summer. Now revitalized and re-inspired, we have a lot in the works so stay tuned this summer.


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