Dating and Relationships: 005

>> Friday, June 18, 2010

Wait Time.

Waiting; it’s one of the hardest things to do when it comes to relationships. I can think of two important instances where this happens. The first can be that you’re waiting for your special man or lady to come along. It’s supposed to happen out of the blue and catch you completely off guard, or at least that’s how the movies depict it. It’s usually around this time that you figure out, “Why does everyone else have someone to care for? Why is it that everyone so much happier than me? When’s my prince or queen going to come along and sweep me off my feet?” (If you’re looking for an answer then stop reading because I don’t have it. And to be completely honest, no one does for that matter.) The result is commonly hitting a slump in life and repeated attempts to get over that hump. But frankly, if not carefully dealt with, the individual will distant themselves to avoid being that third wheel. Sometimes it’s just easier to be on your own then to be surrounded by couples. Unintentional and instinctive isolation of sorts is what I call it.

Or, in the other scenario, you’re waiting for the person you’re already with to be ready for the next step in the relationship. Whether it’s commitment, marriage, or having children, it all takes some time. This is arguably one of if not the hardest part of any real relationship. Not quite defined as a slump, but more of a rut in dire need of repair. It’s confusing because the facts are clear that both parties care very deeply for one another. It’s like having all the correct codes in for a software program, but it still refuses to operate properly. The indifference towards moving forward or the inability to accept change is what causes tension to begin with. Simply, this rut in a relationship is a draining process waiting to boil over from frustration.

Of course let’s not fail to mention what’s behind door number three. It’s that you’ve already found the one, but he or she is already taken or not interested. It’s a bitter truth to swallow combined with the ramifications stated above. I guess this post would beg the question, “When is it going to be my time?” Someone once told me, all that time you spend waiting doesn’t even compare to the moment where it finally happens. Don’t worry friend, it’ll be worth it, soon enough it’ll happen.


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