>> Friday, June 11, 2010

Mom was right in saying that everything is worth trying at least once. The motherly motto has survived to this day, and is never more present than when it comes to food. Yes sir, that’s right, food. One of my biggest pet peeves has to be the picky eaters I somehow surround myself with. I swear there are just times that I have the urge to shake them silly while forcing them to swallow some exotic dish. It irritates me that people like that are so stuck in their ways that they miss out on life.

Not only is it annoying to me but it’s also rather a slap in the face if you think about it. By cooking for someone you have made an impact on them whether you like it or not. Preparing a meal is an act of love towards another individual, especially when you’re not the one eating. It’s a delicate combination of love, time, and energy all wrapped up into a tightly broiled bundle. Pushing aside the dish before evening tasting the work is like a rejection to partake in the essence of the meal. If sharing a meal with another person was once considered to be a covenant, then imagine what the chef and diner relationship should represent.

Everything from fried flies, ox genitals, or brown things with funny names you can’t really pronounce so your friends tease you about it relentlessly. (You know who I am talking about and it’s not my fault I can’t pronounce vowels!) Each and every creation in a kitchen is worth at least a single try. You never know when you might find something you love. As for now I am off to enjoy some chicken feet soup the old man prepared. Yummy!


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