Everything is a positive learning experience, once your rationale kicks in

>> Saturday, July 24, 2010

What happens when your long-awaited internship does not elaborate on their rationale once they inform you of their decision to drop you from their roster? You might groan with agony that eventually forces you to suffocate on the loggie that gradually accumulates on your esophagus.  As a result of these eventually traumatic experiences, you could lose sight of your aspirations by focusing too much on the moment, the moment that you supposedly must focus on, so that you could move on with your life.

This moment undoubtedly lingered with me, after being informed that I was no longer an intern for the San Francisco Police Department. I patiently waited for this opportunity to blossom, following every given procedure that they could possibly ask from me. In the end, it seemed every ounce of energy invested into this internship proved worthless, worthless because my future now swam in the river of uncertainty that forever drowned my aspiration. 

However, I soon realized my layoff does not suggest I am incapable of following law environment conducts. It rather reflects my insatiable desire to better understand their decision, prompting me to seek the truth behind their comments. From this recognition, I began examining the relationship between past and present events, logically weaving every delicate detail together, while conspicuously holding my ego within a distance.  As a result, I ultimately realized that I should not dwell on my shortcomings, because my failures and successes serve as a smaller picture reflecting a bigger learning lesson.

I may never know the actual events and the actual thought processes leading to their decision, but it no longer matters, because I am developing my critical thinking skills by analyzing the police’s rationale, demonstrating my competency, my willingness and my desire to deal with complex situations requiring me to step beyond my comfort realm, while revealing these skills as applicable skills to all professions.

So, this rejection by the police department turned out as a positive learning experience because it prepared me for the unintended consequences that could occur within the work force, as well as illuminating my response to these unexpected moments. And to those experiencing similar anguishes, I encourage you to abandon your initial responses by critically evaluating every past, every present and every future success and failure that is associated with your goals, because raw emotions without supervision could consume your objectivity overtime, without ever surfacing on your subconscious. So, I hope my story shows you all that every experience you encounter in life inevitably evolves into a learning experience, in spite of your emotions suggesting otherwise.


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