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>> Friday, July 2, 2010

As defined by urban dictionary, real talk is “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Call me crazy, but I am almost certain that English language is being dragged through the dirt with terms like this. (Ironically when I started writing this I totally forgot that it’s also the name of a friend’s blog, silly me. Go check out his stuff if you get a chance, might find something you like.)

Personally I had no prior knowledge of this slang term or phrase before a study partner used it. I figured out the meaning of the word on my own based on the context it was being used. Then it got me thinking about how everyone looks for this kind of aspect in their relationships. Putting up a false image or leading someone on only leads to heartache and pain in the end, or at least that’s what life has taught me so far. This is not to say that this behavior is not tempting. It’s without a doubt that life is far easier when you push aside the genuine truth.  It brings meaning to the whole ignorance is bliss idea. There are fewer worries to handle and lower chances of feelings being hurt. Promises are avoided at all costs so that nothing is put at risk, thus there is no chance for loss.

Arguably, I only have a handful of good friends where I’ve been able to convey such sentiment. I am lucky to even be able to count them with my fingers and recall our memories together. It’s rare for anyone in general find someone that just clicks perfectly. Not everyone is able to relate to one another on multiple levels. Moreover, relationships and friendships take time to develop. Late night conversations on an outdoor park bench or evening strolls around the neighborhood don’t happen overnight. Deep talks all start out as awkward hellos or clever side comments. But when the occasion does come along and the interlocking pieces fit just right; nothing takes the weight off your shoulders like a good chat with a close friend.

To my faithful and beloved readers, I dare you to find such a person for yourself as I’ve described. Don’t hold anything back when the moment does come. True transparency leads to a genuine love towards the strangers you’ll call brothers and sisters. I guarantee that it’ll be unconditional and truly intimate. If all these things are done, then the more “real” the relationship will be.


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