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>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sometimes feel as if getting added to a class is a lot like going to heaven. Yes, I know it’s probably a weird comparison, but it’s quite an interesting scenario. During the first week of classes I (like many other fellow students) was scrambling to get a few extra units. I'll suck it up with a heavier load to get my money worth and to make my best use of time. Well with just my luck the cap for initial enrollment didn’t help, and I was starting to stress out from all the running around. In the same way, no one knows if they’ll get into heaven with one hundred percent absolute certainty. No one knows what the afterlife is like because no one has ever been there and back. All the variables are unknown and faith is generally the only assurance. Anything can happen and that’s what caused me to worry in this case.

Now the interesting part comes into play. Not everyone has the same beliefs, hence the different classes on different subjects according to major. Nor are those belief systems without separate fractions, thus different sections with different days and times are offered for a specific class. Everyone thinks their class is right for them and that it’s their area study. It’s what they’re interested in and it’s what they plan on investing time towards. Ergo most belief systems consider themselves to be the one correct path and people study whatever they choose.

Then the tricky situation pushes its way into the game. Lucky me, while searching for classes, I was the exact last one to be added into the class everyone needed. (By everyone I mean people studying in my field.) I showed up over twenty minutes early to an already completely packed room. The person that came in one minute behind me gets denied. That gentleman along with at least twenty other hopefuls is asked to hit the road. I am sitting there watching each person sigh from disappointment and thinking what if heaven was the same way? What if I showed up just a minute later or late? Technically I had done everything right, but in the end it just wasn’t good enough. All the planning and searching just wasn’t didn’t meet the cut. Even more interesting, were the people that decided to leave in the middle of signing up or drop the class after the first day. They already had their guaranteed ticket, but decided not to take it. Or maybe they were intimidated by the workload and wanted to put it off till later. Or perhaps they were scared and made the bold move of changing their major.

Things would really be quite upside down and inside out if those were the rules. If anything it’d be heartbreaking. But as for now, I am off to make sure my five digit code really does work. Don’t worry; you’re going to make it through this year.


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