A Season of LT&C

>> Wednesday, September 1, 2010

“Seasons change, they rearrange, all in perfect harmony.” The season is changing now, maybe not so much the perfect harmony part though. Nonetheless it is a very uncertain time for many. The past couple of days have been hectic for students everywhere. Whether it’s leaving home for the first time or realizing your last semester in school, the times are turning.

It would seem as if the new direction this blog is heading would be appropriate for such a time. In the coming weeks we’ll debut new writers and announcing new partnerships. The new setup and design of the site is just about complete with only a few minor adjustments. Stay tuned for more in the coming season!

10/2--Reset the entire template. Adjusted header and footer. Organized archive of older posts.
10/4--Set up menu bar and started info pages. Prepped schedule. Placed Technorati claim code UV828G4MY7M5, don't worry, just ignore the code. The followers list was reset and we only manually restored a few so you might have to add it again.
10/5--Insert side menu gadgets. Finished off majority for info pages. More prepping and planning.


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