The Essence of a Meal

>> Saturday, October 2, 2010

A good friend of mine really hates to be rushed, especially during a meal. I would have to agree that meals, not pre-made stuff under a heat lamp, are meant to be consumed slowly and carefully. Good food is meant to be savored and enjoyed at a slow pace. It’s a time to converse and share with one another about troubles, promotions, engagements, etc. Yes, everyone at the table has probably been waiting impatiently. And yes, they probably skipped breakfast to make it out the door on time or worked through their lunch hour. Regardless, that doesn’t mean you woof down your food like a rabid canine. You bother to actually taste the ingredients instead of inhaling the dish in one fell swoop. Take the time to admire the amount of time and effort placed in the dish.

In his book, Around the World on a Empty Stomach, Anthony Bourdain describes it as, “When someone feeds you, they’re saying something, they are telling you something about themselves. If you can’t hear a voice, or if the voice is confused, chances are, you’re eating at a “big box” faux-fusion restaurant -or chain, or a hotel- where the menu and recipes were arrived at long ago, by consensus or committee.” Cheers to the next meal friends.


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