Network to the Top

>> Friday, October 29, 2010

College.  No matter what you say, you’re gonna miss it.  No one shares peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after college.  Thursday night drinking becomes taboo. That girl you had your eye on all quarter, your time is up.  Compared to the real world, college is friendly; definitely life-changing.  But if there is a key lesson my undergraduate years taught me: it’s to network.

Network like crazy.  There may or may not come a time when the feeling of pursuing graduate studies washes over you.  After reviewing the entrance requirements via the web, fingers will tap and you will wish you kissed some professor derriere for that academic recommendation.  That social or academic club you hesitated to join, let’s hope there are other extracurricular activities on your belt.  Employers weed out candidates that don’t fit the well-rounded portion of the background check.  Volunteer work and internships only equate positive auras.  Not only do you encounter a huge pool of untapped opportunity, prospective employment is right at your feet.

Nurture these relationships.  Build strong foundations with those who may help pave a brighter future.  Like Schoolhouse Rock, knowledge (and social knowledge) is power.

--This article was written by guest writer Gretchen Sumera. Read more about her here.


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