Orange and Black Postseason

>> Monday, October 4, 2010

My those set of words haven’t been used in the longest time around the bay area. It’s true how the saying goes that you never really know when you’ve made it till you’ve struggled first. Without a doubt the Giants have struggled in the past. There have been countless ups and downs along the stretch of the season. Plenty of frustrated and upset fans expressing themselves in online forums and over the radio broadcasts. But look and behold, here we are today as division champions in what is now the penant race. The last time this organization performed so well was close to 6-7 years ago. It was a different time and a different team for sure. Even I was a different person, a little kid still in middle school. At the time our team was mainly centered around a particular superstar. Not to mention they were pretty old and many of them had been on the team for ages. Today, our team is composed of the most unlikely group of rising stars. The young rag tag group are still very much in the process of learning. They’ve turned out to be quite the amazing crop of next generation Giants.

Despite the troubles the troubles of the real world, one tends to forget about them when the home team is winning. I am sure it brings a joy to many of the other fans as well. Here’s a to an amazing post season. One can only imagine what will happen.


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