After a World Series

>> Monday, November 15, 2010

Yes, I know you’re wondering why the posts suddenly disappeared during the pinnacle of Giants baseball. To be quite honest we were scared to write, and of course got a little caught up in the watching the game too. Life consisted of going to class, eating, and watching baseball. Of course restroom time was jammed in between commercial breaks. We witnessed every moment of the Fall Classic. We watched the stunning last pitch, the parade to follow, the appearance of the Beard himself on Leno, and even heard the recent news of a certain rookie of the year.

I guess we (or rather I) got so excited that a short rambled post would not do the Giants justice. They had gone beyond what anyone (and possibly everyone) had expected. I would agree with the countless tweets and facebook messages that this past season was more than anything a fan could ask for.

I imagine it must be hard for someone from an outside perspective to truly understand the emotions of winning this series. Ask any real San Franciscan where they would rather live and you’ll likely get a consistent answer.  There is no where else but the City. Yes, we do capitalize the “C” thank you very much. Arguably, no one in California wants to go anywhere else either. The City is and will always remain my home.

So you had better believe that when the home team wins, it really does mean something. That logo across my jacket is more than just a name. Or that symbol at the crown of my cap stands for more than just a fashion statement. Yes, the cap that’s faded into almost a brown color now from being sun bleached. That same cap I would turn backwards while eating garlic fries and Sheboygan bratwursts. The one I wore in the countless hours of standing in line at fan fest just to catch a glimpse of the players.

Well with all that being said there’s really nothing left than a word of congratulations. Well done Giants, well done, it was certainly worth the wait. Looking forward to seeing what next year will bring. Thank you for the countless memories.


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