Davis Sushi Buffet

>> Friday, September 23, 2011

Let’s get one thing very clear: I don’t like buffets. In fact I really don’t like buffets at all. They’re expensive, I am not a quantity over quality guy, and I don’t like the idea of gluttony. However, going to this place has been a tradition come every winter break for the past two to three years. And well, I am not about to break tradition so onward to the buffet.

Davis Sushi Buffet is one of the two big sushi buffets that I know of in the Davis area. Upon my last visit I remember being there for quite some time and watching the random techno music videos. Other than the videos being replaced with ESPN and CNN, the place still looked just about the same. Davis Sushi offers a selection of rolls and sashimi that float around a convey belt of boats. Off to the side are warming trays of desserts, fruits, noodles, and other warm dishes to choose from. Everything is set up to help yourself rules with special orders requested from the kitchen.

I tried a few rolls here and there, but a few I remember were the typical California, a Philadelphia, and a shrimp tempura roll. The California roll had huge chunks of avocado and was missing something in between. Some cucumber would have balanced off the richness of the crab mixture and avocado. At least it wasn’t imitation crab otherwise I might have not picked it up. The Philadelphia roll was surprisingly tasty with the cream cheese not being too thick. The shrimp tempura roll wasn’t anything special; I might have as well just gotten plain shrimp tempura.

Most of the sashimi has to be requested from the guy behind the counter. I tried out a small mixed plate so that I could sample a bit of everything. The overall quality is fairly fresh and the flavors are clean. No staleness or odors that I could detect. I wish they had more different pieces of nigiri out on the pickup area. I guess salmon and unagi are the most popular items because that’s the main two that were the majority.

Some of the other items were a selection of deep fried goodies we ordered up for the table. There was soft shell crab, calamari, and oysters. First off I couldn’t understand why they would serve the platter with lemon slices. It just didn’t seem like something you would find in Japanese cuisine. The soft shell crab was alright and went pretty good with the warm dipping sauce. The calamari was nice and chewy with a nice bite to it. Though I had a feeling it wasn’t really calamari, but rather some other type of squid. The oysters were packed with flavor and personally my favorite of the three. I like my oysters a little bigger but these were more appropriate for frying.

The place is pretty modest in size and really clean all around. Well kept by Asian standards. Seating is available either at the sushi bar or tables. I am guessing we went on an off day since it was quiet for the majority of our stay. For $13+tip it’s a fair choice for a buffet especially if you enjoy the sashimi. Chances are I’ll be forced back again on another visit in the future.

707 2nd St
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 297-1999
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Burgers & Brew

>> Friday, September 16, 2011

After the last burger adventure turning out to be terribly lousy, I was more hopeful of this family place. I was Davis, CA visiting a few friends and they decided on this place. Or to be exact, one of them decided due to his immediate hunger. After a short drive from my friend’s house and a quick walk through a farmer’s market we found ourselves at Burgers & Brew.

This place is built in what appears to be some sort of converted residence or office. I am probably wrong considering a lot of foreign places look the same to me. It was a little before normal dinner hours so they were only taking orders at the counter. Just from the look of things this place is very clear in what they specialize. I could already feel my mouth slowly water at the smell of meat hitting the grill. They have a wide selection of beers (many on tap) and wine just waiting to be poured.

Shanghai Dumpling King

>> Thursday, June 2, 2011

Every break by chance I’ll see my old friends from the city. And every break, by chance, different people will show up depending on schedules. And every break, by chance…or routine I guess, I end up planning the get together. This time since we were in my friend’s neck of the woods, we decided on this place since it was close by. Plus it helped that his family goes here often and knows what’s good to order on the menu.

Judging from the outside one would not imagine this place to be all that spectacular. Sure I mean there are plenty of awards of awards posted in the window. But the location is smack dab on the outskirts of town and tucked in the most random location ever. The joint is small and can get rather cramped as my group experienced that afternoon. We were lucky enough to have just the right number for a short wait of no longer than five minutes. (A word of advice is to put your name on the sign in sheet clearly.) The five of us were placed in a tight corner by the window with knees and shoulders touching one another. I didn’t really mind since we’re all like family and small places aren’t anything new to me. The staff consists of family and arguably one of the hardest working I’ve come across in some time.

Why Writing

>> Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This would arguably be the most important question for any blogger or writer. It’s the second most asked question I come across. Why do I write? Well, it’s probably best to start from the beginning and explain the whole story of how things came to be.

Lemon Tea and Cookies is a name I thought up of with a friend of mine, Ben. Ben and I went to high school together and remain good friends to this day. Lemon Tea is a nickname I had throughout high school, but nowadays only a few people still refer to me by that name. Cookie comes from Ben’s last name of Cook. Another nickname in high school not used so often anymore.

Tea Way

>> Monday, May 9, 2011

Man has it been getting warmer lately or is it just me? My hands have been getting stiff from typing in different temperatures. So what would a reasonable person do to ease the pain…get boba. Or I guess the question should be “what does a fatty do after eating a big lunch?”

What can I say? Nothing beats a good milk tea after a warm tasty meal. It tops it all off rather nicely. I see people lining up outside of tea way all the time when I am passing through Irving. Through word of mouth it seems to be the new rage on this side of the city. The place is rather nice even though it can get crowded. Luckily when I went not too many people were in line. But by the time I left there was a pretty lengthy line going out the door. As for the location I think it was a good choice considering the previous frozen yogurt place went under in a matter of months.

FreeStyle and Friendship Machine

>> Friday, April 29, 2011

In the continual battle between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo vending machines are the new medium of choice. Most recently I've been seeing more and more FreeStyle machines pop up all over the place. It's such a well thought out product that it's hard not to like it. Essentially you can mix flavors together to create custom drinks, almost like flavor shots in coffee. More so, I admire the innovation and technology behind the one spout idea. The unique flavor packets follow the same idea as printer ink cartridges. The syrup is super concentrated so the machine takes up very little space and requires few refills.

Jang Soo BBQ

>> Friday, March 11, 2011

I love Korean food; it’s one of my more favored cuisines I am exploring at the moment. The flavors and spices really stand out and pack punch. Come to think of it, I have yet to experience any subtleness when it comes to Korean cooking. The meat marinades in particular have always been very distinct. With each place I visit I’ve come to learn more and more about how to separate the good from the bad. Or in this case, telling the difference between the overpriced from the great deals.

From the outside Jang Soo looks like a super Asian type of place. There’s an overhang of a fake tiled roof, the lettering for the sign is in large red characters, and there are blown up pictures of their food in the window. However, the cleanliness of this place really shines when compared to others. The built in stoves at most tables were gleaming upon entry. With the tiled walls and floor the place begins to resemble a restroom or hospital of some sort.

Red Robin

>> Saturday, February 19, 2011

I’ll be straight up. I don’t really like chain restaurants, and I don’t care for fast food all that much. But somehow I always get dragged by friends or family into going to these places. Honestly I think a lot of these types of big box places are overpriced and low quality. But food is food; majority rules, and the loudest person always wins…especially if it’s a girl. =)

All chain restaurants and eateries all have the same ridiculous looking walls such as this nearby Red Robin. Every inch of this place was covered in random posters that really didn’t connect to one another. Here’s one with some random movie I’ve never seen. There’s one with a nameless singer that doesn’t look the slightest bit familiar. The service comes with the typical overly enthusiastic waiter or waitress. They’re so excited to the point of close annoyance. It probably didn’t help that my friend(s) kept fueling the fire. In an alternate reality I am sure they would be married with two overactive children in the suburbs. I will hand it to the guy that was waiting us; he really did seem to enjoy his job.

Pete’s Tavern

>> Saturday, February 12, 2011

The company I work for seasonally had a small get together this past week. I guess you could say this was my first official “company party”. From what I’ve seen in movies and on TV, these parties are always a little weird. Its one thing to work with people day in and day out, but it’s another to see then outside the work place. To make matters worse I rarely actually have to see any of my fellow co-workers. Anyways let’s move on to the part about the food.

Pete’s is a sports bar right down the block from the Giants ball park. Since it’s the off season, business in the area was slow and quite for the most part. When I arrived there were only a small number of folks enjoying a post workday drink, and maybe a group of friends eating at a table together. The walls are lined with plenty of flat screen monitors including a large projector screen. Upstairs are a few pool tables and to side is an entry to the neighboring restaurant. Apparently several of them are all owned by the same person. In the center is a well stocked bar with a good selection of beers on tap as well.


>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

What does one do after a nice workout and his first “steam” might you ask? Go out for some Chinese food of course. Nothing like a 90 degree room filled with sweaty men to work up a hearty appetite. My friend’s parents were the ones treating me out so I was up for anything. His dad had a craving for this place in particular since it’s a family favorite. Apparently the owners used to have another location further downtown as well, but that location did not do as well and closed up.

Admittedly I had some high expectations when walking into this place. The awards and articles were clearly posted in the doorway. Plus the setting gives off an upscale feeling and atmosphere. The place is decorated with a lot of glass, and I mean a LOT. Glass counters, glass sculptures, glass table tops, decorative glass bottles, etc. The place literally looks almost like a giant fish tank with a metal lining on some of the walls. Rather amusingly the bathroom has the same glass theme except with a rainforest theme going on.

Bob’s Donut and Pastry Shop

>> Friday, January 28, 2011

Donuts scare me a little bit. Yes they scare me. I think it started in high school when one of my teachers told me it’s one of the worst things you can possibly put in your body. I believed him, and still do for the most part. So if and when I ever do go and get donuts with you, know that it’s rare. But also know that it’s quite a treat for me too.

There's really nothing better than a fresh donut right out of the fryer. It’s a lovely concoction of fried sweet goodness piping hot with perfection. I don’t know about you, but part of me really does light up and become all childlike at the donut shop.

The Taco Shop at Underdog’s

>> Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I don’t drink very often, but I guess that’s because I just turned legal a little while ago. Plus it never really appealed to me that much before. I think the taste of alcohol is still developing on my palette. So when a few friends back from school for the winter decided to go for a few drinks, I figured I’d sample some more. Never hurts to try something once right? Plus it was fun getting carded for the first time and hearing stories from everyone.

For beverages of the evening I decided to go for whatever they had on tap. This is namely due to my lack of knowledge in beer and not wanting to make the nice waitress annoyed. I went with a Stella Artois which actually wasn’t bad since I’ve only tasted a few beers so far. Not too strong for my taste and it went well with the food we ordered. Not feeling too hungry I tried a little of what everyone ordered.

Art’s CafĂ©

>> Monday, January 17, 2011

If there was a definition for hole in the wall joint, this place would be it. This cozy little cafe is tucked away on a very busy Irving street in the inner Sunset. At first glance most people would definitely pass by this narrow room. There’s literally just enough space for the grill and a long counter that stretches the length of the place. Luckily when I went here for lunch with a friend two seats were open on the very end of the counter. Be sure to hang your coat up on the wall behind you otherwise you‘ll probably be bumping the person next to you. Both my buddy and I are rather skinny fellas so the shaky stools were actually kind of fun to sit on.

As for the food Art’s is a mix of American breakfast food with some Korean influences. Since it was lunch time and I wasn’t feeling an omelet I decided to go with the Beef Bi Bim Bop. I’ve had my share of Bi Bim Bop in the past and it’s grown to become one of my favorite Korean dishes. Considering the location I’d say the Bi Bim Bop was surprisingly good. My bowl came with all the normal fixings of veggies: carrots, sprouts, spinach, and zucchinis. Though I do wish I got more rice, the meat made up for the lack of it. Be sure to use the specially made barbeque hot sauce or else it’ll break the owner’s heart. She even glanced in my bowl to make sure I tried some of the meat with it. Personally I would like the sauce to be a little spicier so there’d be more of a kick to it. It was a decent bowl of Bi Bim Bop if I do say so myself.

Why Blogger?

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I find it funny when people ask me about blogging. Usually it’ll be tips on writing, ideas for content, but it’s mostly “can you tweak the code to do this and that” requests. It never gets old and it’s only natural for writers to talk to one another. That is how writers grow and become better over time after all.

With the start of the New Year far into the month, it seemed fitting to say exactly why I still blog. What makes it so appealing that I bother to post things up even after two years of doing this thing? Here’s how the story starts.

So why did I choose blogger? What makes blogger so special out of all the other blogging hosts? First off, I am not against any blogging network or social platform. I think each one caters to a specific type of writer. Each one is able to fulfill certain needs and that’s why people use that particular one. I chose blogger for a few reasons.

One, it’s free. I really like the design aspects of WordPress and TypePad in particular. But those two, also in particular, cost money in order to get the most out of them. I enjoy being able to change the format and design to specific degrees. I didn’t feel as if I could get that out of those two in particular.

Blogging for 2011

>> Friday, January 7, 2011

And so it begins. Change is in the air with the coming of the New Year. I am a tad late on updates at the moment, but I do promise some new posts coming very soon. For the most part this year has been good to me and has brought many new opportunities. There were a lot of unforgettable moments such as the Giants winning the series (still my top choice by far). The New Year marks the chance to start from scratch once again and to wipe the slate clean.

Nevertheless, here at LT &C we’re still going to continue what we do best. We’ll be rolling out plenty of new ideas very soon. So stay tuned for an even better site in 2011.

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