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>> Friday, January 28, 2011

Donuts scare me a little bit. Yes they scare me. I think it started in high school when one of my teachers told me it’s one of the worst things you can possibly put in your body. I believed him, and still do for the most part. So if and when I ever do go and get donuts with you, know that it’s rare. But also know that it’s quite a treat for me too.

There's really nothing better than a fresh donut right out of the fryer. It’s a lovely concoction of fried sweet goodness piping hot with perfection. I don’t know about you, but part of me really does light up and become all childlike at the donut shop.

Bob’s, hands down knows how to make a good donut. Part of you feels as if you walk back in time when you step into this place. Seating consists of an old school long counter with what appears to be with original stools. (The counters can get a little sticky, so beware. Otherwise you’ll come out with sugary elbows and forearms like me.) There’s no secret to the cooking process at Bob’s, the donut making can be watched from right behind the counter. The fryer sits right next to the register and customers can be mesmerized by the gentle bobbing of dough. The squirting machine is hand cranked just like the way they used to do it back in day.

Bob’s is specifically known for their apple fritter mainly due to the raves from 7x7. Lucky for me there was plenty sitting in the window display, even at 10 in the evening. That’s another thing I failed to mention, this place is open into the wee early morning hours. As far as I know the place is open 24/7. You can pretty much get your donut fix at any hour. As for the apple fritter, what more could I possibly say? It lives up to the hype. The perfect mix of chewy apple and dough all covered in a layer of sugar. I really love the cinnamon flavor combined with some other hidden spices. This, my friends is like a super star piece of apple pie or apple cake or pure apple goodness. Perfect at just about any hour. Now if only I could buy one the second they’re done glazing. That would be a dream saved for another visit.

1621 Polk St
(between Sacramento St & Clay St)
San Francisco, CA 94109
Neighborhood: Nob Hill
(415) 776-3141
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