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>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I find it funny when people ask me about blogging. Usually it’ll be tips on writing, ideas for content, but it’s mostly “can you tweak the code to do this and that” requests. It never gets old and it’s only natural for writers to talk to one another. That is how writers grow and become better over time after all.

With the start of the New Year far into the month, it seemed fitting to say exactly why I still blog. What makes it so appealing that I bother to post things up even after two years of doing this thing? Here’s how the story starts.

So why did I choose blogger? What makes blogger so special out of all the other blogging hosts? First off, I am not against any blogging network or social platform. I think each one caters to a specific type of writer. Each one is able to fulfill certain needs and that’s why people use that particular one. I chose blogger for a few reasons.

One, it’s free. I really like the design aspects of WordPress and TypePad in particular. But those two, also in particular, cost money in order to get the most out of them. I enjoy being able to change the format and design to specific degrees. I didn’t feel as if I could get that out of those two in particular.

Two, I have a Google account. I like keeping all of my online accounts in as much order as possible. Google owns blogger and you can easily make one under your Google account. It’s convenient for me considering I set schedules on Google calendar, read feeds via Google reader, and keep track of traffic using Google Analytics. At the same time it scares me a little bit that Google is so powerful.

Three, I can always quit. This is my last result doomsday zombie apocalypse scenario… in terms of the blogging world. I enjoy the fact that at any time I could always just delete and close my account. Surprising enough Wordpress doesn’t allow that. You can delete content, but that actual account stays there. Same thing applies for Wikipedia accounts. Sometimes it’s worth it to read the fine print under the contract statements.

Four, there’s help. With every problem I’ve ever experienced in blogger, someone has always had an answer. Since blogger is so heavily used there’s practically a question on everything. And with every question there’s an answer. Finding the answer is the hard part. Working through it can be the fun part. At the same time blogger is always evolving and becoming more user-friendly. Somehow they’re able to make a good product even better, and that I appreciate very much.

Five, I did it for me. At the time Tumblr was just starting to bloom and everyone seemed to be jumping on that medium. Growing up Xanga was the cool thing and everyone I knew seemed have an account. I suppose you could also throw in the rise and fall of Myspace. Let’s not forget to mention the current “in” thing would be Twitter which changed the whole idea of blogging. Instead of bouncing from one thing to the next I wanted something I’d stick to for a while. I wanted something that would work for me as much as I did for it. In short, I guess this would be my loyalty statement to blogger.


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