Red Robin

>> Saturday, February 19, 2011

I’ll be straight up. I don’t really like chain restaurants, and I don’t care for fast food all that much. But somehow I always get dragged by friends or family into going to these places. Honestly I think a lot of these types of big box places are overpriced and low quality. But food is food; majority rules, and the loudest person always wins…especially if it’s a girl. =)

All chain restaurants and eateries all have the same ridiculous looking walls such as this nearby Red Robin. Every inch of this place was covered in random posters that really didn’t connect to one another. Here’s one with some random movie I’ve never seen. There’s one with a nameless singer that doesn’t look the slightest bit familiar. The service comes with the typical overly enthusiastic waiter or waitress. They’re so excited to the point of close annoyance. It probably didn’t help that my friend(s) kept fueling the fire. In an alternate reality I am sure they would be married with two overactive children in the suburbs. I will hand it to the guy that was waiting us; he really did seem to enjoy his job.

Pete’s Tavern

>> Saturday, February 12, 2011

The company I work for seasonally had a small get together this past week. I guess you could say this was my first official “company party”. From what I’ve seen in movies and on TV, these parties are always a little weird. Its one thing to work with people day in and day out, but it’s another to see then outside the work place. To make matters worse I rarely actually have to see any of my fellow co-workers. Anyways let’s move on to the part about the food.

Pete’s is a sports bar right down the block from the Giants ball park. Since it’s the off season, business in the area was slow and quite for the most part. When I arrived there were only a small number of folks enjoying a post workday drink, and maybe a group of friends eating at a table together. The walls are lined with plenty of flat screen monitors including a large projector screen. Upstairs are a few pool tables and to side is an entry to the neighboring restaurant. Apparently several of them are all owned by the same person. In the center is a well stocked bar with a good selection of beers on tap as well.


>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

What does one do after a nice workout and his first “steam” might you ask? Go out for some Chinese food of course. Nothing like a 90 degree room filled with sweaty men to work up a hearty appetite. My friend’s parents were the ones treating me out so I was up for anything. His dad had a craving for this place in particular since it’s a family favorite. Apparently the owners used to have another location further downtown as well, but that location did not do as well and closed up.

Admittedly I had some high expectations when walking into this place. The awards and articles were clearly posted in the doorway. Plus the setting gives off an upscale feeling and atmosphere. The place is decorated with a lot of glass, and I mean a LOT. Glass counters, glass sculptures, glass table tops, decorative glass bottles, etc. The place literally looks almost like a giant fish tank with a metal lining on some of the walls. Rather amusingly the bathroom has the same glass theme except with a rainforest theme going on.

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